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Introducing the Bee-Bot Base Bundle·      Unlock the potential of early childhood education with the Bee-Bot Base Bundle!·      This comprehensive kit combines the award-winning Bee-Bot robot with eight engaging themed Aistear card sets.·  ..
Ex Tax:€535.77
Unlock the Power of Coding·      Explore the magic of programming and robotics with the Blue-Bot Base Bundle.·      This fantastic kit includes a hive of six individual Blue-Bots, each with their own charging dock, ready to introduce you to the world..
Ex Tax:€633.33
INCLUDES: • Full Aistear by Trolley Set• Aistear Roleplay Centre• Hive of Bee-Bots (6 Bots + Charging dock)• Unit Bricks Full Set• Bee-Bot Transparent Pocket Grid Mat• 10 Sets of Bee-Bot Grid Cards (2 as gaeilge)..
Ex Tax:€1,706.50
INCLUDES: • Bee-Bot Transparent Pocket Grid Mat• 2 Sets of Bot Grid Cards As Gaeilge • 2 Robotics Maps of Ireland (Terrain + Places)..
Ex Tax:€126.02
INCLUDES: • Full Aistear by Set• Single Bee-Bot• Sandy Shore Bee-Bot Grid Map• Nibbler Bee-Bot Face Mask..
Ex Tax:€527.64
INCLUDES: • Bee-Bot Transparent Pocket Grid Mat• 8 Themed Sets of Aistear Bot Cards..
Ex Tax:€101.63
Enhance Learning and Engagement with Bee-Bot® Robotics With 2 Additional MatsUnlock the World of STEM Education·      Explore the exciting world of robotics and ignite a passion for learning with Bee-Bot®, the interactive educational robot designed to captivate young minds. ..
Ex Tax:€113.01
Set Includes 6 Blue Bots, Docking Station and USB Charging Lead.IntroductionThe Bee-Bot Hive of 6 with Docking Station, a physical robot system that revolutionizes education by combining cross-curricular learning, a mat/grid interface, and programming logic. Let's dive into the exciting features of ..
Ex Tax:€405.69
Dicking Station For Bee bot and Blue Bot..
Ex Tax:€56.10
Set Includes 6 Blue Bots, Docking Station and USB Charging Lead. 1.   Explore Endless Possibilities with Blue-Bot® Unleash Creativity, Learning, and Fun·      Get the whole class programming with the Blue-Bot® Class Bundle! The Bee Bots older brother!  Wh..
Ex Tax:€576.42
Unleash Imagination and Learning with Bee-Bot®·      The kit includes 1 x Rechargeable Bee-Bot® and USB charging lead, 1 x Treasure Island, 1 x Busy Street Mat, 2 x Transparent Grid, 49 x Sequence cards, and 10 x White clip-on shells. This comprehensive set provides endless ..
Ex Tax:€199.19
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