Junior and Senior Infant Activity Ideas for Creating Artwork Inspired by Bee-Bot Movements

In the dynamic realm of primary education, the fusion of technology and artistry can be a revelation. Ever pondered how to intertwine the structured world of coding with the boundless spirit of creativity? Meet Bee-Bot, the programmable floor robot. This delightful gadget isn't just for coding; it's a canvas for artistic inspiration for our junior and senior infants. Let's embark on a journey of electrifying activity ideas that'll set your classroom alight with creativity!

Junior and Senior Infant Activity Ideas for Creating Artwork Inspired by Bee-Bot Movements

The Bee-Bot isn't just a techie toy; it's an artist in disguise. By orchestrating this robot's movements, our budding learners can craft captivating patterns and artworks. It's a harmonious blend of tech and art, imparting kids with the essentials of both in an engaging manner.

1. Bee-Bot's Colorful Canvas
Step-by-Step Guide:

  • Materials Needed: Bee-Bot, Bee-Bot Pen Holders, colored markers, large white paper sheets.
  • Setup:
    1. Attach the Bee-Bot Pen Holders to the Bee-Bot.
    2. Insert colored markers into the pen holders.
    3. Spread the large white paper sheet on the floor.
  • Activity:
    1. Program Bee-Bot's movements.
    2. Let Bee-Bot glide across the paper, creating colorful patterns.
    3. Change markers for varied designs.
  • Learning Outcome: Kids grasp the basics of programming while exploring color patterns and the beauty of random art.

2. Bee-Bot's Push and Place Artwork
Step-by-Step Guide:

  • Materials Needed: Bee-Bot, Bee-Bot Pusher Set, various art materials (glitter, colored paper, ribbons), glue, large paper sheets.
  • Setup:
    1. Attach the Bee-Bot Pusher to the Bee-Bot.
    2. Scatter various art materials on the floor.
    3. Place the large paper sheet next to it.
  • Activity:
    1. Program Bee-Bot to push an art material to a specific spot on the paper.
    2. Once in place, kids glue or arrange the material on the sheet.
    3. Continue until a beautiful collage is formed.
  • Learning Outcome: This activity enhances kids' coding skills while nurturing their artistic flair and understanding of composition.

3. Bee-Bot's Story Maze
Step-by-Step Guide:

  • Materials Needed: Bee-Bot, story cards with different scenes, markers, large paper sheets.
  • Setup:
    1. Design a maze on the paper sheet using markers.
    2. Place story cards at various points in the maze.
    3. Set Bee-Bot at the maze's starting point.
  • Activity:
    1. Kids choose a story card and program Bee-Bot to navigate to that card in the maze.
    2. Once Bee-Bot reaches the card, kids draw or write a part of their story.
    3. The process is repeated until Bee-Bot has visited all cards, and the story is complete.
  • Learning Outcome: This activity marries logical coding with imaginative storytelling, enhancing both realms of knowledge.


  1. What's the Bee-Bot?
    It's a programmable floor robot tailored for kids, making coding basics fun and interactive.
  2. How does Bee-Bot fit into art?
    By directing Bee-Bot's movements with artistic materials, children can craft patterns, collages, and narratives.
  3. Is the Bee-Bot child-friendly?
    You bet! Bee-Bot is crafted with young learners in mind, ensuring it's safe and child-proof.
  4. Where can I snag a Bee-Bot?
    Bee-Bots are up for grabs at Clever Kids.
  5. Can Bee-Bot be woven into other subjects?
    Absolutely! Bee-Bot is a chameleon, fitting seamlessly into subjects like maths, language arts, and even history.

Melding the spheres of art and technology might seem like a tall order, but with tools like Bee-Bot and its accessories, it's a walk in the park. These activities don't just spark creativity; they also introduce our tiny tots to the marvels of coding. So, what are we waiting for? Let's set the stage for some Bee-Bot brilliance!

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