Junior Infant Activity Ideas for Understanding Occupations and Roles through Bee-Bot Scenarios

As teachers, we're always on the hunt for fresh, exciting ways to introduce our little ones to the world around them. One such method that's been making waves is through the use of Bee-Bot scenarios. These nifty programmable floor robots offer a hands-on, interactive way to teach children about different occupations and roles in society. In this piece, we'll delve into three distinct lesson ideas that you can weave into your teaching plan.

1. The Buzzing Bee-Bot Town

This activity is crafted to help children grasp the different roles people play in a community.

Step 1: Whip up a large floor map of a town, complete with buildings such as a hospital, fire station, school, and supermarket.

Step 2: Give each child a role (doctor, firefighter, teacher, shopkeeper) and a corresponding Bee-Bot.

Step 3: Encourage the children to program their Bee-Bots to navigate around the town, visiting different buildings and interacting with other 'occupations'.

Step 4: Facilitate a chat about what each role does and how they contribute to the community.

2. Bee-Bot Career Day

Career Day is a fantastic opportunity for children to learn about different jobs and what they involve.

Step 1: Set up different 'career stations' around the classroom, each representing a different job (e.g., chef, astronaut, farmer).

Step 2: Give each child a Bee-Bot and a career station.

Step 3: The children program their Bee-Bots to move from station to station, learning about each job as they go.

            Make custom cards for each station with the students.

Examples of this would be different food items for a chef.

Step 4: At the end of the activity, have the children share what they learned about their assigned job.

3. Bee-Bot Role-Play

Role-play is a powerful tool for learning, and this activity combines it with Bee-Bot programming for a fun, immersive experience.

Step 1: Give each child a role (e.g., police officer, veterinarian, artist) and a Bee-Bot.

Step 2: Set up scenarios around the classroom that require the children to 'act out' their roles using their Bee-Bots.

Step 3: Encourage the children to interact with each other's Bee-Bots, fostering a sense of collaboration and mutual understanding of different roles.

Step 4: Facilitate a chat about the roles, what they learned, and how they felt 'performing' them.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is a Bee-Bot?

Bee-Bot is a programmable floor robot designed for use by young children. It’s purpose is to aid in cross-curricular learning via the fundamentals of programming and sequencing.

2. How can Bee-Bots help children learn about occupations and roles?

Bee-Bots can be programmed to act out different roles, helping children understand what these roles do and how they contribute to society.

3. What age group are these activities suitable for?

These activities are designed for junior infants, but can be adapted for older children.

4. How can I incorporate these activities into my teaching plan?

These activities can be used as standalone lessons, or incorporated into a larger unit on occupations and roles.

5. Where can I purchase a Bee-Bot?

Bee-Bots can be purchased from educational retailers such as Clever Kids (https://www.cleverkids.ie).


In wrapping up, Bee-Bots offer a unique and engaging way to teach children about different occupations and roles. By incorporating these activities into your teaching plan, you can help your students gain a deeper understanding of the world around them.



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