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Bee Bots + Blue Bots

Bee Bots + Blue Bots

Bee-Bot®: Revolutionize Learning with STEMWhy Bee-Bot?Interactive Learning: Bee-Bot® is more than a toy; it's a gateway to coding for young minds. With a design tailored for kids, this friendly robot makes learning interactive and fun. Ages 3-5 can use it for pre-school. Ages 5-9 can use it for Prim..
Ex Tax:€73.17
Set Includes 6 Blue Bots, Docking Station and USB Charging Lead.IntroductionThe Bee-Bot Hive of 6 with Docking Station, a physical robot system that revolutionizes education by combining cross-curricular learning, a mat/grid interface, and programming logic. Let's dive into the exciting features of ..
Ex Tax:€405.69
Blue-Bot® Programmable Floor RobotWhy Choose Blue-Bot?Age: Suitable ages from 3-11. Blue-Bot is recommended for older class groups due to its additional features such as; Bluetooth connectivity, ability to use the tactile reader, as well as 45°Cross-Curricular Integration: Blue-Bot® goes beyond codi..
Ex Tax:€88.62
Set Includes 6 Blue Bots, Docking Station and USB Charging Lead. 1.   Explore Endless Possibilities with Blue-Bot® Unleash Creativity, Learning, and Fun·      Get the whole class programming with the Blue-Bot® Class Bundle! The Bee Bots older brother!  Wh..
Ex Tax:€600.81
Dicking Station For Bee bot and Blue Bot..
Ex Tax:€52.85
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