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MEGGO Blocks Set (106pcs) (XL BLOCKS) (Plus 4 Shelves)

Preschool, Primary and Parents

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Large set of MEGGO Blocks. This set includes 4 MEGGO shelves! The shelves are a perfect way of creating amazing benches and bigger structures!

This set consists of 106 bricks. There are 90 large stones, 12 half stones and 4 capping stones. A large brick has a size of 11,8 inch long, 5,9 inch wide and 2,7 inch high. The half stones are 5,9 by 5,9 inches. There are different colours in one set. The sets may also consist of mutually different colours. These are the same MEGGO XL blocks that lie also in many children's playground, children's activity centre and theme parks. Children and toddlers play with these stones just like with Lego only on a large scale. Everything that lives in the imagination of children they can built. And also father's like to help their children by building a grand design along side the children. The large building bricks are made according to European standard for playground equipment EN 71. The blocks are safe by the rounded shape of the corners. Because of the unique shape the stones are easy to stack. The blocks are for indoor and outdoor use and easy to clean. These blocks are robust and good for the motor skills, hand-eye coordination and problem solving of the kids.

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