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Large Construction

Large Construction
XTRA Large set of MEGO Blocks. This set includes 8 MEGO shelves! The shelves are a perfect way of creating amazing benches and bigger structures!This set consists of 212 bricks. There are 180 large stones, 24 half stones and 8 capping stones. A large brick has a size of 11,8 inch long, 5,9 inch..
Ex Tax:€974.80
This set includes 4 MEGO shelves! The shelves are a perfect way of creating amazing benches and bigger structures!Half a box of MEGO toy bricks. There are 53 pieces in which 45 large, 6 half blocks and 2 smooth cover bricks. A large block has a size of 30 cm long 15 cm wide and 7 cm high. The half b..
Ex Tax:€348.78
Large set of MEGO Blocks. This set includes 4 MEGO shelves! The shelves are a perfect way of creating amazing benches and bigger structures!This set consists of 106 bricks. There are 90 large stones, 12 half stones and 4 capping stones. A large brick has a size of 11,8 inch long, 5,9 inch wide ..
Ex Tax:€503.25
* Note that these MEGO blocks shelves are only compatible with other MEGO blocks. They will not work with any other blocks on our website*The MEGO shelves are suitable for building anything. You can use them as a bench by building large blocks under the shelf. Or as a table or roof. At the bottom of..
Ex Tax:€88.62
•Includes:Giant Rainbow Building Blocks With Wheels (30 Piece)Giant Slotting DiscsMega Waffle Blocks buy 3 of our best selling large construction products and save €€€..
Ex Tax:€348.78
•Includes 33 pieces of blocks•Its benefits are: Creativity - A child needs to develop its independence and becomes more and more creative, and therefore plays an important role a properly sized toy•3D imagination - The child is expressed through play, learning to build their world, develop imaginati..
Ex Tax:€138.20
•This Arches and Tunnels set of 17 pieces is the perfect Companion to Unit Blocks•Contains 17 pieces of various size•Expands Free Play Options in Construction and Creative Play•Rounded Edges•Solid Birch Plywood Natural Varnish Finish•Suitable for ages 3 +..
Ex Tax:€161.79
•Includes 25 Brown, plastic coated foam brick measuring H10 cm x C21 cm x D6 cm•Bring realistic building to your setting with these soft, safe bricks•These building bricks are the size and colour of real house bricks (they even include core holes)•However, unlike real building bricks, they are made ..
Ex Tax:€72.36
•Set contains: 40 Giant Octoplay pieces•Construct larger models or two or more simpler models at the same time•Makes models like the man, dinosaur, dog, flower, horse, plane, fish and reindeer•Measures: 49 x 27 x 25•Suitable for Ages 2 years +..
Ex Tax:€186.18
•This 80 piece set contains 40 Squares, 40 Equilateral Triangles and a guide•This 80 piece set contains will occupy a classroom or large group of children at the same time•They can learn to construct objects such as a tower or a castle•The pieces are large and chunky so they are ideal for little han..
Ex Tax:€161.79
•Set Contains:12 spheres, 12 quadrants, and 12 cylinders•A great set to introduce the properties of 2D and 3D shapes and develop spatial awareness at an early age in a fun, engaging and hands-on way•Children will love the tactile nature of Giant Polydron Sphera, and its chunky pieces mean that it's ..
Ex Tax:€145.53
•This 32 piece set contains 4 Squares, 8 Equilateral Triangles, 16 Gear Squares, 2 Small Wheels, and Big Wheels•Children will develop an understanding of how things work with this set•There are two different sized wheels, which allow for an exciting variety of models•Children will learn how to grab,..
Ex Tax:€101.63
•This 36 piece set contains: 12 Squares with 16 Holes, 12 Squares with 4 Holes, 12 Triangles and a guide. •A bulk set large enough to occupy a whole classroom, nursery or kindergarten•Children will not only be able to build towers and rockets, but also tunnels to connect towers together•They wi..
Ex Tax:€275.61
•Make a winter wonderland scene with this 25 piece transparent, shiny bricks set•Develop fine motor skills•Make an igloo, towers, houses, castles, and much more•Use with lighting to create a sensory experience•Measures Height:7 cm Length:21 cm Width:10 cm•Suitable for Ages 10 Months +..
Ex Tax:€104.88
•Set Includes 25 Bricks measuring Height:9 cm Length:20 cm Depth:6 cm•Take a trip to the North Pole and build a chilly ice cave with these white, tough foam bricks•They are lightweight so will not hurt fingers and toes if they fall down•Use indoors and outdoors•Suitable for Ages 3 Years +..
Ex Tax:€104.88
•Set includes 15 logs and 15 discs•These foam lumberjack logs can be used indoors or out to make lots of interesting designs•Build your own log cabin or create a bridge to hop over•Suitable for ages 3 Years +..
Ex Tax:€113.01
•Little builders with big ideas can work right at this professional-looking station•Shelves and storage keep all their tools and supplies within easy reach.•Size:W28.1 x H55 x L80.7 cm•Suitable for ages 3 years+..
Ex Tax:€137.40
296 piece set includes 170 flats, 28 single peg, 28 twin peg, 28 twin disc, 14 quad disc, 24 struts, 4 wheel/axle parts and a guide.Build almost any model with a vast array of pieces.Pieces slot together with easeSuitable for ages 2 years +..
Ex Tax:€113.01
•Set of 25 Blocks Measuring 18 x 15 x 12cm.•Whether building walls or a home for Goldilocks, the Three Little Pigs or just constructing amazing structures, children will have great fun with these breeze blocks.•Ideal for role play - make a farm wall or a dragons lair•Add realism to outdoor play•Mult..
Ex Tax:€150.41
The Afterschool Essentials - Bulk Construction Bundle includes some of our best selling large construction  products at unbeatable prices. This set includes everything needed for kids to enjoy hours of large construction fun. Let their imaginations run wild and build whatever they can think of!..
Ex Tax:€486.99
Educational And Fun – These foam construction blocks are ideal for any playroom or sensory room. Watch your little builders’ imagination and hands hard at work as they explore the world of planning and building. These wood-like beam shaped building blocks have endless possibilities. A gift you and y..
Ex Tax:€56.91
Designed to help the young children build a straight wall with our life like foam bricks, extra thick wood for strength. Also acts as a great storage unit for the bricks when not in use. For use with brown bricks, will not work with Breeze blocks. Features: Extra thick wood for strength Acts as a gr..
Ex Tax:€89.43
The size and colour of a concrete breeze block, these pretend blocks will make children feel like real little builders. The most realistic block on the market, they have authentic holes through the blocks and are easy for small hands to transport around your setting. Made from tough foam, they are r..
Ex Tax:€73.17
These pretend toy wooden building tools will make children feel like real little builders. They feature handles sized for small hands and have a robust wooden construction. Features: Pretend toy construction tools for indoor & outdoor use Features 3 types of bricklaying trowels Handles are sized for..
Ex Tax:€14.63
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