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•Includes 2 Wall panels, each measuring H150 x L200cm, Grass corner matting measuring, L200 x W200cm, Set of grass circles•Create a beautifully striking area inside with these wonderful wallscapes and grass matting•Can be used as a role play area, reading area•Can also be used with a tuff tray(C1128..
Ex Tax:€608.94
•Farm animal themed unit block attachments•Set includes 20 pieces–blocks not included•Five farm animals: pig, horse, cow, goat and sheep•Building upon the wonderful foundation of unit blocks by providing children with a themed exploration set, Block Mates are designed to enhance the original princip..
Ex Tax:€28.46
•Define an area simply with this Farm themed environment•Create a range of different areas such as a reading corner, baby corner or just a quiet corner•The wall panels fasten onto walls with velcro making them easy to attach and remove•The floor mat comes with a gel anti-slip backing•Cushions And De..
Ex Tax:€243.09
Our largest farm barn playset with building, tractor and 34 chunky accessories, perfect for small world play•Made up of 34 individual pieces, a tractor and a two-storey barn building with removable roof and ladder•Has a barn which is 310mm high•Includes 1 piglet, 1 pig, 1 dog, 1 calf, 1 cow, 1 bull,..
Ex Tax:€139.02
•This attractive pack includes eight double-sided plastic story cards featuring the original illustrations from the book on one side and engaging language activities on the reverse•These ideas will build essential speech and language skills through discussion and story talk•Measuring 275 x 210mm and..
Ex Tax:€11.38
•Consists of 11 play pieces.•Discover all the fun of the farm with this brightly coloured wooden Farm House Sorter•Little ones will enjoy matching each animal to its uniquely shaped slot on the wall of the farm house•When all the animals are safely inside, the roof can be removed and the animals lif..
Ex Tax:€26.82
•The perfect complement to our Farms Theme Box•This terrific library has 5 super-engaging paperback books specially selected to help kids explore life on a farm•The library contains both fiction and nonfiction titles…and the delightful photos, illustrations and simple text help children discover far..
Ex Tax:€70.00
There are always plenty of animals to see down on the farm, but sometimes you need to follow their footprints to find them. Each double-sided stone has the raised footprint of an animal on one side and an image of the animal indented into the other side. Press the footprint into sand, mud or soil an..
Ex Tax:€23.58
•Set contains 4 puzzle pieces•Match each brightly coloured wooden piece to the correctly shaped slot on the base board•Easy to lift wooden puzzle pieces feature a pegged handle on each piece•Each chunky wooden puzzle piece is generously sized to make it easier for little hands to lift, grasp, examin..
Ex Tax:€32.52
•This 48 piece set has everything you need to run a busy farm•There's a stable, windmill, vegetable patch kennel, pig sty and pond plus plenty of animals, tractor and farmers•Size 50 x 40cm•Suitable for ages 3 years +..
Ex Tax:€36.59
•Puzzle Pieces: 2 x 2pc, 2 x 3pc, 2 x 4pc•6 animals you may find in a farming environment•Puzzle Size: 100mm x 100mm each•Suitable for ages 2 years +..
Ex Tax:€11.37
•Features a detachable rear wagon that little ones can load up and use to haul all sorts of cargo.•The Green Toys Orange Tractor features a slim, rounded hood perfectly sized for little hands to grasp.•The wheels roll easy on any surface allowing for unlimited eco-friendly fun•Made with recycled pla..
Ex Tax:€31.30
•Discuss and learn about the environment and country life with this wooden farm and animal set•The farm has a fixed perimeter fence and 3 moveable buildings•Also included are the farmer and his wife and 28 assorted solid plastic farm animals•Product Dimensions: Farm L 48 x W 60cms * 2.3kg Horse..
Ex Tax:€121.14
A colourful set of farm building blocks perfect for little hands. This playset includes animals, farmers and building pieces to contruct a farm and enjoy hours of fun!..
Ex Tax:€26.83
•Our Farm Family set includes 7 chunky natural wood figures perfect for small world play•This set includes: Farmer, Wife, Farm Hand, Boy, Girl, Tabby Cat and Black & White Dog•Suitable for ages 10 Months +..
Ex Tax:€28.46
•This farmer's field set is made up of 15 individual pieces•Includes 1 gate, 4 hedges, 1 farm hand, 1 tree, 1 small trough, 1 tractor, 1 horse, 1 foal, 1 sitting cow, 1 calf, 1 cockerel and 1 hen•Is a super chunky size - the pieces are 25mm thick•Is made from eco friendly materials•Is supplied in an..
Ex Tax:€28.46
•Our Feathered Friends set includes 5 chunky natural wood figures perfect for small world play•This set includes: Orange Hen, White Goose, Brown Duck, Brown Owl, White Swan•Suitable for 10 Months +..
Ex Tax:€20.32
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