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Beware – the dinosaurs are coming! Guaranteed to excite children’s curiosity and capture their imagination, each stone shows a dinosaur footprint on one side and its owner on the other. Perfect to encourage early investigation skills as children examine, compare and sort the eight footprints – Apato..
Ex Tax:€24.39
Fossils inspire children’s imagination and excite young learners. They will delight in discovering and examining this set of eight attractive, realistic and tactile specimens including ammonite, clam shell, fern leaf, preserved leaves, sea urchin, shark’s tooth, shrimp and trilobite. Made from a uni..
Ex Tax:€23.58
The set contains: a T-rex, triceratops,brachiosaurus, smilodon,sarcosuchus, mammoth.3,5–13 cm. Ages 3+...
Ex Tax:€52.85
•This bag contains 48 pieces including: Triceratops, Apatosauruses, Iguanodons, Corythosaurus, Stegosauruses, Ankylosauruses, Tyrannosaurus rex, Dimetrodons, Velociraptors, Spinosauruses, Diplodocuses and Pteranodons•Bulk Bags feature our most popular figures in 48-piece bags•These hand-painted mini..
Ex Tax:€56.10
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