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Audio Visual

Audio Visual
•Combine literacy and ICT with this A5 Talking Photo Album •Simply insert drawings or photographs into the plastic wallets and record up to a 10 second message•Each button for each page supports the image/text•Holds 30 inserts•Requires 2 x AAA batteries (not included)•Suitable for Ages 4 - 11 Y..
Ex Tax:€56.91
Superior Sound Quality for an Immersive Listening Experience·      Immerse yourself in a world of captivating sound with the Easi-Headphone Bundle.·      Designed to deliver an exceptional audio experience, these headphones are perfect for users of a..
Ex Tax:€568.29
•Set of 6 Recordable Talking Boxes•These fantastic Boxes let you record your own 10 second message into each box which plays when opened•Great for picture or number recognition•Insert your own images into the clear panels•Plays back your 10 second message when the box is opened•Suitable for Ages 1 -..
Ex Tax:€60.98
Enthralling Engagement Tools·      The Recordable Resources Speaking and Listening Kit is an expertly curated array of interactive tools designed to stimulate and foster speaking and listening skills.·      The kit is packed with 10 A6 Talking postca..
Ex Tax:€771.54
•Set of 6 light up recordable buttons with a 60 second recording time•Encourage children to record their own voices•Removable lid to put symbols or images inside •No fiddly buttons•Simple one touch recording•Suitable for 3 to 14 years•Requires 3 x AAA batteries for each light, not supplied•Suit..
Ex Tax:€73.17
•Includes, 5 x A6 Cards, 3 x Mini Cards, 1 x A4 Card, 1 x A3 Postcard, 3 x Recordable Speech Bubble, 1 x Recordable Arrow, 1 x Recordable Heart, 10 x Talk-Time Mirrors, 1 x A4 Thought Cloud•Turn your classroom into an interactive one and save on our Recordable Resources Pack!•Whole school selection ..
Ex Tax:€153.66
•Set of 6 colourful Recordable Buttons measuring 45mm in diameter•Record and playback up to 10 seconds of sound•Loud and clear output•Cross curricular resource•With every press, your chosen sound or message will play back loud and clear•Replaceable batteries are included.•Help children get their tho..
Ex Tax:€48.78
Easi-TimerA simple to activate traffic light timer to help children keep on task.Set the designated time, press start and the timer will shine green, beep once to indicate the time has started. A great visual and auditory aid for children with processing difficulties.Place in the middle of the table..
Ex Tax:€31.71
A set of 4 rechargeable, tactile phones that feature touch activated number buttons, incorporating technology and communication skills to encourage lively conversations and role play scenarios. Who will you call? Will it be the garage, the dentist or the queen? A great resource for experimenting,..
Ex Tax:€158.54
Children will love interacting and making discoveries with this wooden board, with cogs that light up and change colour when rotated. Delight in turning the cogs in different directions and seeing the colours transform. A great way to incorporate fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination with I..
Ex Tax:€113.01
**Stacking Tower not included**Integrate ICT into children's construction play with these light up rechargeable discsEncourage children to shake the discs to light them up, allowing them to experiment with cause and effect. The textured design provides an additional sensory appeal, while the tactile..
Ex Tax:€137.40
Exquisite Sensory Adventure·      Indulge in a sensory spectacle with our Illuminated Sensory Glow Pebbles set.·      Comprising 12 enchanting glow pebbles, this kit serves as a perfect conduit for engaging sensory play, fostering emotional and cogni..
Ex Tax:€251.22
•Set of 12 Light Up Construction Bricks•includes colours of bricks (blue, green, yellow, orange, pink, purple) Size of brick: 212 x 100 x 66mm•Charging time is approx 3-4 hours, and will last for approx 2.5 hours of usage•USB cable provided for charging purposes•Illuminate your block play with this ..
Ex Tax:€161.79
•A set of light-up, textured balls with intricate designs•Includes, Pack of 6 balls, 2 of each design. Rechargeable via USB cable•Rechargeable via USB cable and charging time 3-4 hours•Usage after full charge is 4-5 hours•Can be used for mark-making, fine motor skills, and calming activities•Each ha..
Ex Tax:€109.76
•Children of all ages will enjoy using this innovative, rechargeable and fascinating collection of three rotating tops, which illuminate when spun•Set Includes 1 x Docking Station and x 3 Spinning Tops•Docking station measures 510 x 160 x 520mm•Charging time 3-4 hours. USB cable provided. 6-8 hours ..
Ex Tax:€145.53
•Set of 12 Sensory ICT Glow Construction Blocks Cubes•Includes 4 x 15 cm cubes and 8 x 7.5cm cubes•Each cube requires 2 x AA batteries (not included)•A set of construction bricks that light up and change colour when they are turned•Children will love turning the blocks in their hands to see which co..
Ex Tax:€161.79
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