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Problem Solving

Problem Solving
•Set Contains: 48 plastic image cards and wooden box•Play animal-memory•Who collects the most sets of image cards with animals? Increases vocabulary and spatial insight. •Measurements: (34 x 20 x 6 cm)..
Ex Tax:€44.72
•Set Contains: 16 plastic assignment cards, plastic bears in 4 sizes and colours and wooden box (34 x 20 x 6 cm)•Match the colourful bears with the assignment cards at three levels of difficulty•Children align the bears to the pictures and also tell the series•Learn to name colours, count, compare s..
Ex Tax:€80.49
•Set Contains: 6 puzzles, 6 wooden puzzle pieces each 2 dice with colours and wooden box (23 x 20 x 8)•Children roll a colour die in turn to find a matching coloured piece for their puzzle•The first child to complete their image wins the game•Fitting the pieces into place helps children develop conf..
Ex Tax:€53.66
•Set Contains: 24 plastic image cards, red plastic card manual and wooden box (20.5 x 13.5 x 5 cm)•Play together and share a variety of synonyms and antonyms•Scramble cards and arrange like a memory board or stack in a deck•Players collect pairs of cards which are opposites of each other•Play contin..
Ex Tax:€36.59
•Set Contains: 248 plastic shapes in 4 colours, 24 plastic assignment cards, manual and wooden box (35 x 19 x 8 cm)•Create figures of the assignment cards with the rings and sticks or create your own figure•Compare various lengths and sizes•Stimulate fine motor skills and visual analysis•Measures:35..
Ex Tax:€85.37
•Extra figures for Rings and Sticks (E522172)•Contains 248 plastic shapes in 4 colours•Suitable for ages 4 +..
Ex Tax:€20.33
•Encourage the developing vocabulary in children with the 16 themed sets of Trio•Set Contains: 48 image cards, manual and wooden box (33 x 12 x 6 cm)•Children sort the image cards into related sets of 3 while naming each image•Children may share a variety of words for the same image•Measures: 33 x 1..
Ex Tax:€47.97
•Includes 40 Magnetic Visual Blocks of varying shapes and sizes•Encourage children to create their own shapes using this vibrant visual blocks•Includes guide cards•Suitable for ages 3 years +..
Ex Tax:€17.07
•This 48 page book, written by world renowned mathematical resource developer Dr. Paul Swan is the perfect companion for our rainbow pebbles collection•This book teaches children through play, counting and sorting helping to develop and hone their mathematical skills •Rainbow Pebbles Not Included•Su..
Ex Tax:€10.57
•Develop fine motor skills and creative design with this Rainbow Pebble Set•Ideal for sorting, counting and sequencing•Supports the following areas of learning:• Physical Development - motor skills • Maths - pattern• Maths - shape & space• Expressive Arts & Design - imaginative play• Physical Develo..
Ex Tax:€20.33
•Set includes 40 chunky puzzle pieces and canvas bag with drawstring•Deal out the tiles and children reach into the bag to feel and find the corresponding wooden shape•Includes geometric and object shapes•Pieces can also be used as 20 mini whole-object puzzles•Safe non-toxic paints•Wooden shape and ..
Ex Tax:€36.59
Set includes 40 chunky puzzle pieces and canvas bag with drawstring•Match the tiles to the symbols•Reach into the bag and find the shape that matches the cutout on the tile•Great for individual or group play. Easily recognizable icons based on symbols found in cultures throughout the world•Twenty di..
Ex Tax:€31.71
•Set up the colorful blocks and accessories•Push the very first piece to start the chain-reaction of tumbling dominoes is a perfect activity •Children under 2 years requires Adult Supervision..
Ex Tax:€26.02
•The First Sorting kit contains basic shapes, bears and fish, totalling 132 pieces•Preschool children are naturally curious about sorting objects•Their interest helps them develop key skills such as counting, comparing, sorting and patterning, all important skills for more advanced mathematical conc..
Ex Tax:€23.58
•Set includes 44 magnetic pieces (some magnetic)•Six double-sided pattern cards offer design ideas•Sort and Match is the perfect way to teach color and shape-matching, sorting, sequencing and pattern-recognition in a fun, game-like setting•Magnetic pieces with embedded magnets attach to the board to..
Ex Tax:€47.97
•Set includes: 36 x Junior Pebbles in 3 shapes, 6 colours and 8 x 2-sided activity cards.•These Junior Rainbow Pebbles are made of new natural eco friendly FPC  (Fibre Particulate Composite)  material, with each pebble having  its own unique natural grain•The 2-double sided activity cards are design..
Ex Tax:€23.58
•Set Includes: 36 x Rainbow pebbles in 3 shapes with 6 bright colours and 8 activity cards•Early construction and manipulative set, ideal for developing fine motor skills•Suitable for ages 18 Months +..
Ex Tax:€23.58
•Includes blocks of varying shape size and colour to create the perfect marble run•Ten different recommended set up drawings on the instruction are are ordered by level from beginner to master•High quality crafted building blocks, natural as well as brightly painted•Plenty of creativity scope for ch..
Ex Tax:€32.52
•set includes: 100 colourful plastic pattern blocks and 12 double sided activity cards with 3 levels of difficulty•Pattern Blocks are both a play resource and a tool for learning in mathematics which can be used to develop a range of mathematical concepts, such as geometry, symmetry, angles, fractio..
Ex Tax:€13.81
•Classroom Set Includes: 1500 plastic pattern blocks (6 sets of 250pcs, 5mm thick)  in six shapes and 6 colours, One set of Basic Pattern Block Cards, One set of Advanced Pattern Block Cards, Activity guide, and a durable plastic container for easy storage•Pattern Blocks are an extremely versatile m..
Ex Tax:€104.88
Ex Tax:€22.76
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