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Small World

Small World

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Contents:  18 piecesAge:  12 months+Cleaning Method:  A dry or slightly damp cloth with mild soap or detergent - wipe dryThis brightly coloured wooden people set represents cultures all over the World.Made up of 18 diverse cultures including African, Scottish, Indian and Russian to na..
Ex Tax:€32.52
Creative play and storytelling rolled into one great fairy tale set. This 12 piece includes many childhood favourites such a princess, dragon, Jack and the Giant from Jack and the Beanstalk, Hansel and Gretel, Red Riding Hood, a witch, a king, queen, elf, fairy and of course a knight in shining arm..
Ex Tax:€23.58
A must for all small world creative playsets! It perfectly illustrates the effects the seasons have on trees. This set of 10 trees contains a mix of deciduous and evergreen trees including a beech tree, oak, elm, apple, orange, pine, poplar, maple, redwood and weeping willow. A great way for chil..
Ex Tax:€48.78
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