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Brightly coloured set of 101 number beads and 10 strings.Beads measure 2.5cm square. Laces 60cm long.Beads are printed on one side to enable the teacher to hide a number for the child to identify. Perfect for reinforcing the new UK early learning goals for counting 0-100.Develops fine motor skills, ..
Ex Tax:€47.97
Two great games in one! On each side of these double-sided answer mats, these fun bingo games feature a different skill. Perfect for use with the entire class or just small-group instruction, they include 36 double-sided game cards, 720 tokens, 100 calling cards, a double-sided answer mat, and a gam..
Ex Tax:€26.01
Brightly coloured set of 96 beads, 12 strings and 18 double-sided work cards.16 each of red, yellow, blue, green, orange and purple beads.Beads measure 2.5cm square and laces are 30cm long.Add missing bead(s) to complete the sequence on the work cards.3 levels of colour-coded work cards:Green (Level..
Ex Tax:€47.97
Select a card, put it into the integral card holder on the train track and measure the length of the carriages.Create trains equal in length to those featured on the card using different combinations of carriages and complete the sum on the card.Count up to and back from 20 as there is a 20cm gap fr..
Ex Tax:€81.29
Create multi-coloured number bugs which slot together easily.Body segments have numbers on one side and are blank on the reverse to enable the teacher to hide a number for the child to identify.Size of head: 5cm (to top of antennae) x 4cm wide.Size of body segment 3.5cm x 3.5cm.Set contains 4 bug he..
Ex Tax:€47.97
Add the missing bead(s) to the number sequence cards to complete the sequence, threading the beads onto the laces.Contains 12 double-sided workcards across 3 levels:Green (level 1 - missing 1 number), Yellow (Level 2 - missing 2 numbers), Red (Level 3 - missing 3 numbers).Number sequences help child..
Ex Tax:€56.90
Sort the photos by their shape with these self-checking cards.Develops shape identification, sorting and fine motor skills.4 post boxes, each with a shape on the front (square, triangle, circle and rectangle).40 double sided posting cards with real life photos.The reverse of each card features a dra..
Ex Tax:€40.64
Number Fishing Game suitable for indoor and outdoor use.These compact fish are perfect for table top, sand and water tray use. Great for early maths!Children hook the fish with their fishing rods.Improves motor skills and hand-eye co-ordination whilst learning numbers 1 to 30.30 brightly coloured, n..
Ex Tax:€50.81
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