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Science + Tech

Science + Tech
•Our first programmable robot designed for outdoor use! Winner of the BETT 2020 award for the best digital device•256 Memory step compactity and 3 speed settings•An obstacle sensor which can be turned on and off, detects obstacles in front of the robot and reverse and rotate 45 degrees •Designe..
Ex Tax:€178.05
Learn about contrasting habitats and the animals that live in them with this fun game.Two games in one with the double sided game boards.On the habitat side of the board, players pick up cards, try to identify the habitat belonging to the animal and check the answer on the reverse of the card before..
Ex Tax:€32.51
Learn all about healthy eating and the Eatwell Guide with this fun posting game.The front of each card has a real life photo of a piece of food and the reverse side is coloured to match the post box with the correct food group.Teachers lay the cards on a flat surface, image side up. Children have to..
Ex Tax:€55.28
This is an informative, geology-themed bulletin board set. It includes 8 strips (53 x 15cm each) which feature sedimentary, metamorphic, and igneous rocks, as well as minerals; tips for identifying rocks and minerals; and illustrations of the rock cycle...
Ex Tax:€16.25
•Combine literacy and ICT with this A5 Talking Photo Album •Simply insert drawings or photographs into the plastic wallets and record up to a 10 second message•Each button for each page supports the image/text•Holds 30 inserts•Requires 2 x AAA batteries (not included)•Suitable for Ages 4 - 11 Y..
Ex Tax:€56.91
Superior Sound Quality for an Immersive Listening Experience·      Immerse yourself in a world of captivating sound with the Easi-Headphone Bundle.·      Designed to deliver an exceptional audio experience, these headphones are perfect for users of a..
Ex Tax:€487.80
•A great stand for the Easi-Speak range, ideal for group discussions or to promote speaking and listening skills•Fits both Easi-Speak & Easi-Speak Pro•Place in the middle of groups to ensure all voices are recorded clearly•Suitable for Ages 5 - 16 Years..
Ex Tax:€16.26
Unlock Creativity and Communication·      Encourage speaking and listening skills while unleashing creativity with the Easi-Speak® 6 Microphones and Docking Station.·      This vibrant set of six microphone MP3 recorders is designed to captivate youn..
Ex Tax:€365.04
•Set of 6 Recordable Talking Boxes•These fantastic Boxes let you record your own 10 second message into each box which plays when opened•Great for picture or number recognition•Insert your own images into the clear panels•Plays back your 10 second message when the box is opened•Suitable for Ages 1 -..
Ex Tax:€56.10
Enthralling Engagement Tools·      The Recordable Resources Speaking and Listening Kit is an expertly curated array of interactive tools designed to stimulate and foster speaking and listening skills.·      The kit is packed with 10 A6 Talking postca..
Ex Tax:€356.91
•Set of 6 light up recordable buttons with a 60 second recording time•Encourage children to record their own voices•Removable lid to put symbols or images inside •No fiddly buttons•Simple one touch recording•Suitable for 3 to 14 years•Requires 3 x AAA batteries for each light, not supplied•Suit..
Ex Tax:€73.17
•Set of 3 10 Second recordable Talk-Time Postcards•Ideal for EAL students, these cards are interactive and hands on•Record up to 10 seconds then press play•Reuseable, the cards are write-on/wipe-off.•Suitable for 5 to 11 years..
Ex Tax:€47.97
•Includes, 5 x A6 Cards, 3 x Mini Cards, 1 x A4 Card, 1 x A3 Postcard, 3 x Recordable Speech Bubble, 1 x Recordable Arrow, 1 x Recordable Heart, 10 x Talk-Time Mirrors, 1 x A4 Thought Cloud•Turn your classroom into an interactive one and save on our Recordable Resources Pack!•Whole school selection ..
Ex Tax:€138.21
•Set of 5 Recordable Buttons that record up to 30 seconds of sound•Ideal for building confidence and encouraging reluctant talkers•Each Button measure 45mm in Diameter•It has a loud and very clear sound output•Replaceable LR44 batteries included•Suitable for Ages 3 - 11 Years ..
Ex Tax:€48.78
•Set of 6 colourful Recordable Buttons measuring 45mm in diameter•Record and playback up to 10 seconds of sound•Loud and clear output•Cross curricular resource•With every press, your chosen sound or message will play back loud and clear•Replaceable batteries are included.•Help children get their tho..
Ex Tax:€48.78
The perfect set to develop magnetic investigation. Comes with a useful A4 background information booklet with 16 experiments linked to the QCA science curriculum for Key Stage 1. All components slot into a purpose made plastic moulded carry box for easy counting out and counting in.Contains 4 wands,..
Ex Tax:€65.04
Among the items in this set are the Bumper Cars (50183) and Floating Rings (50185) to illustrate attraction and repulsion plus Magnetic Wands and Iron Filing Cases to demonstrate magnetic fields.Single Set Contents:2 x bumper bars, 8 x ring magnets, 1 x ring stands, 2 x professors, 2 x magnetic wand..
Ex Tax:€31.71
Among the items in this set are the Bumper Cars (50183) and Floating Rings (50185) to illustrate attraction and repulsion plus Magnetic Wands and Iron Filing Cases to demonstrate magnetic fields. Double Set Contents:4 x bumper cars, 16 x ring magnets, 2 x ring stands, 4 x professors, 4 x magnetic wa..
Ex Tax:€60.98
•A simple input device that can extend your use of Scratch 2.0•Four direction buttons and a go button•Twist control•Four way tilt sensor•Children can design and create fun and challenging activities whilst developing their programming and debugging skills•The sleek yet robust design means it is the ..
Ex Tax:€32.52
•The Rainbow Matrix has 64 individual RGBs which is controlled using Scratch 2.0 Offline Editor•Ideal to establish connections between the digital and physical world•64 RGB LEDs which can all be turned on to display any colour and at any brightness.•Simply plug in the unit, download our helpful soft..
Ex Tax:€81.30
Construction set which will improve children's fine motor skills, as well as develop their creative and problem solving skills. Build 2 & 3 dimensional structures. Introduces children to basic geometric shapes. Contains: 80 sticks in 4 sizes and 4 colours, 40 connecting balls in 2 colours, 24 qua..
Ex Tax:€28.46
•The perfect complement to our Space Theme Box•This terrific library has 5 super-engaging paperback books specially selected to strengthen children’s understanding of the solar system and outer space•The library contains both fiction and nonfiction titles…and the delightful illustrations and simple ..
Ex Tax:€70.00
A set of brightly coloured hand magnifiers, ideal for investigating bugs, leaves and patterns in nature. 3x magnification.Supports the following areas of learning:• Understanding the World - observation• Personal Development - collaborative play• Communication & Language - descriptive languageSpecif..
Ex Tax:€21.91
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