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Bee Bots, Blue Bots + Robots

Bee Bots, Blue Bots + Robots

Free pack of Seasonal Bot Grid cards included!Bee-Bot® and USB charging lead includedMoves in steps of 15cm and turns in 90 degrees New Memory Functionality of 200 stepsRecognises Other Bee Bots and Blue Bots Allows Students to record their own voice Can either be recharged via your c..
Ex Tax:€64.23
•Blue-Bot® and USB charging lead included•Blue-Bot has a clear shell so children can see the components inside•It is also rechargeable so you don't need to worry about replacing costly batteries Recognises Other Blue-Bot®•Can either be recharged via your computer or a wall socket with a US..
Ex Tax:€88.62
Includes 6 Bee-Bots®, Docking Station and USB Charging LeadMoves in steps of 15cm and turns in 90 degrees New Memory Functionality of 200 stepsRecognises Other Bee Bots and Blue Bots Allows Students to record their own voice Can either be recharged via your computer or a wall soc..
Ex Tax:€405.69
•Photon allows your child to learn on its own•Our robot is an interactive teacher helping kids discover coding, mathematics, biology and more in an inspiring way•The robot is designed to entertain and teach your child for months. And don’t forget it can be used by more than one kid.•Product contains..
Ex Tax:€178.85
Set Includes 6 Blue Bots, Docking Station and USB Charging LeadGet the whole class programming with the Blue-Bot® Class Bundle! The Bee Bots older brother!  You can program Blue-Bot® with a wide range of tablets, a PC, Mac, or our very own TacTile Reader using bluetooth enable pr..
Ex Tax:€568.29
•Included, 1 x Pro-Bot® and USB Charging Lead•Explore advanced control techniques and use the screen to program on the device!•Operate independently or alongside your PC with our software•Accepts programming arrows or write more complex commands•Routes can be drawn using our simple pen mechanism and..
Ex Tax:€121.95
•Our first programmable robot designed for outdoor use! Winner of the BETT 2020 award for the best digital device•256 Memory step compactity and 3 speed settings•An obstacle sensor which can be turned on and off, detects obstacles in front of the robot and reverse and rotate 45 degrees •Designe..
Ex Tax:€162.59
A set of four delightful remote control cats that meow when stroked and are controlled with a simple one button unit. The control enables the cats to spin and go forwards. The stroke and meow feature (can be turned off) develops an awareness of cause and effect. Rechargeable. Clever cats measure ..
Ex Tax:€243.09
"Meet our multi-sensory, rechargeable robot which will captivate young children’s interest as they plan its illuminated movements and adventures, whilst laying firm technological foundation skills. This highly interactive, engaging robot has simple, clear and literal controls that, when pressed, are..
Ex Tax:€142.28
•Program and control our most advanced floor robot, all via the popular Scratch 2.0 programming language or an iOS app•Controllable via the Scratch 2.0 offline editor•Compatible with tablets and PCs•Equipped with a range of inputs and outputs to programKEY FEATURES•8 RGB LEDs•2 white LED headlights•..
Ex Tax:€146.33
"Kitt is a versatile, cross-curricular companion robot for the classroom. Kitt enables learners to work independently, engaging with the robot to gather evidence of progress. Teachers can differentiate effectively using Kitt by personalising the resources on each device. Inclusivity and accessibilit..
Ex Tax:€107.32
•Includes 6 x Pro-Bot's® 6 x USB cables 3 x Activity mats (Rally Mat, Amusement Park Mat and UK Map Mat) 1 x Transparent Grid 1 x USB Charge Strip Probotix site licence•Pro-Bot Floor Robot Class BundleThe perfect package for those using Pro-Bot® with the whole class•USB charge strip included to rech..
Ex Tax:€894.30
Rugged Racers are more rugged than ever before! Brightly coloured with corresponding remote controls, Rugged Racers are designed to withstand the most rugged of journeys with new and improved durability. The four button control allows the cars to go left, right, forward and reverse. 25m range. ..
Ex Tax:€211.38
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