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Weighted Products

Weighted Products
•Made from Polyester and measures L120 cm x W70cm•Ideal for children who need help calming down, relaxing and sleeping•Available in three weights 1.4kg, 2.3kg, 3.6kg•Made in a soft, breathable material to reduce potential overheating for the child•All blankets are red on one side with a complimentar..
Ex Tax:€88.62
•Includes 1 x Calvin Caterpillar Shoulder Weight 1 x Plain blue cover made from Velour•Measures 70 cm in Length•Available in two weights 0.90kg and 1.36kg•Give weight and deep pressure therapy for reassurance, grounding, focus and promote relaxation•Made in a soft, plush material, these weights can ..
Ex Tax:€40.65
•Includes 1 x Louis Ladybird Lap Weight 1 x Plain blue cover•Available in two weights - 1.36kg, 2.27kg•Ideal for providing a deep, calming pressure for children who are anxious or with sensory processing.•Provide deep, calming pressure•Can be used in a range of settings•Ideal for children who fidget..
Ex Tax:€51.21
•Set of 2 x 250g ankle weights Measuring, Length:32 cm x Width:5 cm•Promote muscle strength, stability or calming sensation for children with a sensory disorder•Made from velvety soft material and filled with PVC grains.•The weights wrap securely around the ankle and fasten with adhesive strips..
Ex Tax:€24.39
•Weighted Neck Pad weighing 1.4 kg and measuring 43 cm in length•The sensation of calming deep pressure on the shoulders can be helpful in reducing anxiety and increase a sense of calm•This shaped neck pad snuggles around the shoulders and upper back and is made of soft velour material, filled ..
Ex Tax:€40.65
•Includes 2 Weighted Wrist bands weighing 119g and measuring Length:23 cm Width:4 cm•Effective integration tool for providing extra sensory input during handwriting•Helps to develop strength, stability and increased awareness to the hands and wrist•These smart wrist weights feature an adjustable hoo..
Ex Tax:€12.20
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