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Fibre Optics + Projectors

Fibre Optics + Projectors
Fibre Optic Light Source 45W 30mm Connection (Tail not included)..
Ex Tax:€210.57
Create a stunning galaxy of stars on your ceiling with this incredibly effective fibre optic ceiling kit. Once this product is installed it will complete your dark sensory room. Control the colours with the remote control or let it scroll through a colour changing sequence to create a starry night l..
Ex Tax:€780.49
Fibre Optic Shower Support47 x 16cmLight source and tails not included ..
Ex Tax:€105.69
This stunning visual stimulant is ideal for use as an aid for children and adults with specific accommodations such as intellectual disabilities and autism. Watch the Optic Tails glow and leave their spectators in amazement. A perfect addition to any sensory room!These fibre optic tails are durable ..
Ex Tax:€186.99
The LED Water Projector will project a colour changing watery effect onto any surface. The projector continually scrolls through a range of colours to give a relaxing effect. It also incorporates the option to show a static colour, change speeds and brightness.Optional auto colour-change or with a r..
Ex Tax:€65.04
This large ring of fibre optic tails can be mouted to the ceiling creating a dramatic round curtain of lights. The ring contains a round mirror to refulec the LEDS for a more impressive visual. Powered by a light source...
Ex Tax:€479.67
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