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Cause + Effect, Light & Touch

Cause + Effect, Light & Touch
Manipulative boards in the shape of an adorable bear which offer different manual activities. The presence of moving parts promotes child’s development and stimulates their senses. They not only help children to improve their logical thinking, visual and motor coordination, but also develop independ..
Ex Tax:€24.39
Manipulative boards in the shape of an adorable bear which offer different manual activities. The presence of moving parts promotes child’s development and stimulates their senses. They not only help children to improve their logical thinking, visual and motor coordination, but also develop independ..
Ex Tax:€36.59
•Open-ended magnetic STEM building toy for toddlers, ages 18 mos. +•Combines tactile exploration with magnetic play.•Provides introduction to engineering•30 piece set in exciting bright colors.•Over-sized ABS Plastic rod encapsulates magnets.•Accompanying metal balls are over-molded with soft plasti..
Ex Tax:€77.24
•Interlocking toddler STEM toy Grippies® Stackers•X-shaped, magnetic blocks and two sizes of cylinders for stacking, balancing, and nesting•Emotion faces, using mathematical symbols, for dramatic play and social emotional development•Tactile grips featured in soft, over-molded plastic•Color and text..
Ex Tax:€72.36
•Includes five sizes of magnetic shapes with clear windows for stacking, balancing and nesting•Grippies Waves – a visual STEM building set for toddlers•Watch the flowing water inside gently move around its encased space•Soft, overmolded plastic promotes tactile exploration•Discovery of magnetic prin..
Ex Tax:€60.98
•Set includes 40 chunky puzzle pieces and canvas bag with drawstring•Deal out the tiles and children reach into the bag to feel and find the corresponding wooden shape•Includes geometric and object shapes•Pieces can also be used as 20 mini whole-object puzzles•Safe non-toxic paints•Wooden shape and ..
Ex Tax:€36.59
Large clear shallow thermoplastic cover designed to fit over our A2 Light Panel 73048, providing an illuminated container for a range of art, craft, messy play, sensory or exploration activities.A2 Light Panel sold separately.Supports the following areas of learning:• Understanding the World - light..
Ex Tax:€60.98
Add impact and engagement to your posting activities with this easy to assemble unit that transforms when used with glow resources. Children will love posting, positioning and balancing resources. Accessories not included. Simply slide the pieces together and you have a unit ready to use. Ther..
Ex Tax:€64.23
Polished crystal colour and clear acrylic shapes with smooth, gleaming tactile surfaces. The set contains 5 different shapes designed to encourage children to create pictures, patterns, sequences and use in imaginative play. Playing with the shapes will help children develop fine motor skills whilst..
Ex Tax:€36.59
Bumper pack of over 630 translucent acrylic colour resources and laces, ideal for using on a light panel for early investigation and exploration of colour, shape, pattern, counting & sorting, fine motor skills, construction and creative play. Includes convenient storage container and activity guide ..
Ex Tax:€138.21
A bumper pack of nearly 500 translucent acrylic colour maths resources and laces, ideal for using on a light panel for exploring mathematical topics such as shape and attributes, counting and sorting, pattern and sequence, all whilst developing fine motor skills and inspiring creative play. The tran..
Ex Tax:€88.62
A set of 4 rechargeable, tactile phones that feature touch activated number buttons, incorporating technology and communication skills to encourage lively conversations and role play scenarios. Who will you call? Will it be the garage, the dentist or the queen? A great resource for experimenting,..
Ex Tax:€158.54
Children will love interacting and making discoveries with this wooden board, with cogs that light up and change colour when rotated. Delight in turning the cogs in different directions and seeing the colours transform. A great way to incorporate fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination with I..
Ex Tax:€113.01
The sensory Perception Cubes come in eight different clear colours and feel smooth and inviting to touch. The very youngest children will enjoy handling them in free sensory play or as part of a treasure basket collection. Older children will find them fascinating as they hold them up and ..
Ex Tax:€48.78
Vibrantly rainbow coloured alphabet boats with capital letters on one side, the corresponding lower case on the other side and vowels in clear. Ideal for learning letters and sounds, the order of the alphabet, the difference between consonants and vowels, for colour recognition and for sensory play...
Ex Tax:€48.78
Vibrantly rainbow coloured counting fish with numbers 0-20 on one side and their corresponding dots on the other. Ideal for learning to count (the dots are grouped for logical learning), to associate numbers with quantities, for colour recognition and for sensory play. The tactile squashy fish conta..
Ex Tax:€52.85
This set comprises of 10 textured circular disks made from ultra-soft flexible silicone - 5 large and 5 small. On the surface of each circle is a pattern which is distinctive and different from the rest of the set. Children can feel these textures and discover their difference: by placing the small ..
Ex Tax:€52.03
Six differently coloured soft plastic air-filled balls of the right size to enable toddlers and young children to hold them, examine them, play with them and to discover their differences.Set includes 6 balls with different distinctive surface textures. Can also be used for pattern-making in sand pl..
Ex Tax:€32.52
Colours, textures and shapes abound with this hugeSensory Sponge Set. Every texture is thought of toprovide a rewarding sensory experience...
Ex Tax:€40.65
Identify and match up the 12 tactile turned hardwood counters, each with a different textured top surface. Can be used as a game or for sensory stimulus.Supports the following areas of learning:• Personal Development - sensory• Physical Development - motor skills• Communication & Language - descript..
Ex Tax:€17.89
Set of small geometric solids in 12 different shapes and 6 colours. Ideal for learning shape names and attributes using a light panel. Comes in a convenient storage container.Supports the following areas of learning:• Maths - shape & space • Understanding the World - colour • Physical Development - ..
Ex Tax:€56.10
Bumper pack of translucent plastic geometric lacing counters in 12 shapes and 6 colours. Circle, triangle, square, rectangle, rhombus, pentagon, hexagon, octagon, 5-point star, 9-point star, flower and heart. Comes in a convenient storage container.Supports the following areas of learning:• Physical..
Ex Tax:€43.08
Translucent plastic building blocks, ideal for improving fine motor skills through imaginative play. Colourful constructions look even more striking when built on a light panel. Comes with a convenient storage container. Supports the following areas of learning:• Physical Development - construction ..
Ex Tax:€44.72
Beautiful translucent colour seashells in 2 sizes and 6 colours with 6 different tactile surfaces. Children will love to touch and feel these shells, describing the differences and similarities as well as discovering the colours and colour-mixing opportunities they provide. Ideal to teach early numb..
Ex Tax:€35.77
Exquisite Sensory Adventure·      Indulge in a sensory spectacle with our Illuminated Sensory Glow Pebbles set.·      Comprising 12 enchanting glow pebbles, this kit serves as a perfect conduit for engaging sensory play, fostering emotional and cogni..
Ex Tax:€251.22
The Flashing Tambourines are powered by bright led’s which flash when switched on. A simple On/Off switch ensures the batteries don’t run out and can be used over and over again. Features: Flashing LED tambourine Sensory light & sound experience Tough & ergonomic plastic Requires 3 x AA batt..
Ex Tax:€6.50
"Features of Sensory Play Light Up and Sand Table A light table with a wooden construction box with top or floor quality. Has a light-up table surface for optimal fun and exploration with 6 colour changing lighting choices. It has six colour-changing large buttons for colour selection, which are eas..
Ex Tax:€325.20
•Match textures and colors with the Tactile Matching MazeTactile square•Pieces can be arranged in new patterns•Change the positions of the circles on the track to matchPractice fine motor, problem solving and matching skillsSturdy puzzle board with overmolded handles for easy mobility•Measures 15″W ..
Ex Tax:€51.22
•Tactile Search and Match is a unique sensory memory game for toddlers•Nine textures on chunky rubberwood piece, with matching textures on corresponding boardPractice classification and patterning skills•Sturdy puzzle board with overmolded handles for easy mobility•Measures 14″W x 12″D x 2″H•Ages 2+..
Ex Tax:€56.10
These soft and colourful foam-filled fabric cubes and beanbags are ideal for play in the dark. They can be picked up, thrown and build with. They enhance children’s both gross and fine motor skills. A soft and safe way for children to play in the dark. Features: 4 different colours ‘soft durable mat..
Ex Tax:€44.72
A wonderful visual and tactile light up experience that really will encourage you to get up and move. Create a unique sensory environment with circular interactive LED tiles that respond to touch! Ideal for placement on the floor or on walls. A vibrant colour change display shines through two differ..
Ex Tax:€178.86
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