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Gross Motor Skills

Gross Motor Skills
•New, brightly coloured Activity Rings that appeal to children of all ages - and to adults•Activity Rings can be used as inspiration for countless activities•Such as dancing in a circle, walking on tiptoe in the rings, balancing the rings on your head, juggling rings on arms and legs, throwing rings..
Ex Tax:€52.85
•A unique balancing board with a hard surface on a soft inflatable base•Ideal for exercising motor control and strengthening muscles in the ankles, legs and upper body•The hard surface offers a safe grip for the feet while the inflatable base ensures smooth and gentle movements. •The  Air ..
Ex Tax:€48.78
•Multipurpose Arches designed to allow children to invent new ways of playing and create motor challenges; the possibilities are endless•An Arch can be placed either with the curved side up - forming a bridge - or down, turning it into a see saw. •Several Arches may be combined to form long extended..
Ex Tax:€121.14
•Each set contains 3 easily replaceable inserts with different challenges•Balanco is suitable for play, sports training and goal-directed rehabilitation•Balanco stimulates psycho and sensorimotor functions, such as coordination, mobility, reaction, concentration, and improved posture•Balanco is avai..
Ex Tax:€121.95
•This new version of the River Stone Set features a soft base and a hard-top platform supported by three strong steel springs to enable bouncing•Stepping and jumping on the Bouncing River Stone is more physically challenging as bouncing requires adjustment through the ankles and legs, which strength..
Ex Tax:€93.50
•Exciting and challenging balancing system•The elements can be combined in countless ways so use your imagination to set up all the balance courses and landscapes you can build•With the great flexibility of Build N' Balance®, the level of difficulty can be varied to suit the development levels of th..
Ex Tax:€267.48
•The Clown's Hat encourages small children to perform - because it is not easy to balance with something on your head•Concentration and balance are required to wear the Clown's Hat which develops body consciousness and attention to posture. •Playing with the Clown's Hat can be both individually chal..
Ex Tax:€23.58
•An exciting balance landscape with no less than 25 elements which can be combined in any number of ways•This is a set able to provide innumerable options for balance training, movement exercises and group play•Play scenarios are included•Maximum load 100 kg•Suitable for Ages 2 - 8 Years..
Ex Tax:€252.03
•Set Contains the Following Products: Floor Surfer, Product Code: 2168, Giant Top, Product Code:  2100, Clown's Hat x 2, Product Code:   2127, Seesaw, Product Code:  2169, Activity Rings, Product Code:  2191, Tactile Discs, Product Code:   2117, River Stones, Produ..
Ex Tax:€625.20
•Functionally correct and beautifully designed toy for children•Probably the most beautiful and most suitable trampoline ever seen in the child-care sector•The sloped protective cushion with high rear edge (11 cm) yields utmost protection during play•Foam-covered handle is included•Reinforced spring..
Ex Tax:€552.03
Extra Large sized inflatable textured ball, has a specially textured, bobbled surface ideal for tactile, visual and therapy play. Used to improve balance, coordination, flexibility, posture, strength but most importantly play and massage. Comes with hand pump Size: approx. 67cm diameter..
Ex Tax:€31.71
A wonderful visual and tactile light up experience, the light will stop on a specific colour when the child removes their foot from the tile. The tile body is a sophisticated piece and an excellent sensory resource. Ideal for developing movement and gross motor skills. This round light up play tile ..
Ex Tax:€166.67
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