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Bee-Bot + Tech

Bee-Bot + Tech

What is Bee-Bot?Bee-Bot is an interactive robotic toy that introduces coding to young learners. With a user-friendly interface, impressive memory, and collaborative features, Bee-Bot empowers students to develop critical thinking skills. It aids in cross-curriculum learning in the Irish Primary Curr..
Ex Tax:€72.36
IntroductionIn today's fast-paced, technology-driven world, it's crucial to equip our children with the skills they need to thrive. Enter Blue-Bot®, a physical robot that revolutionizes education by combining cross-curricular learning, a mat/grid interface, and programming logic. Let's dive into the..
Ex Tax:€88.62
Enhance Learning and Engagement with Bee-Bot® Robotics With 2 Additional MatsUnlock the World of STEM Education·      Explore the exciting world of robotics and ignite a passion for learning with Bee-Bot®, the interactive educational robot designed to captivate young minds. ..
Ex Tax:€113.01
Set Includes 6 Blue Bots, Docking Station and USB Charging Lead.IntroductionThe Bee-Bot Hive of 6 with Docking Station, a physical robot system that revolutionizes education by combining cross-curricular learning, a mat/grid interface, and programming logic. Let's dive into the exciting features of ..
Ex Tax:€405.69
•Photon allows your child to learn on its own•Our robot is an interactive teacher helping kids discover coding, mathematics, biology and more in an inspiring way•The robot is designed to entertain and teach your child for months. And don’t forget it can be used by more than one kid.•Product contains..
Ex Tax:€178.85
Dedicated educational mat designed with help of an educational specialists. It makes lessons with Photon more attractive and advanced by creating virtual space connected to Photon apps. Overall size of mat: 190 x 130 cm [75 x 51 inch] Mat helps you to explore additional areas of ..
Ex Tax:€40.64
Dicking Station For Bee bot and Blue Bot..
Ex Tax:€56.10
Set Includes 6 Blue Bots, Docking Station and USB Charging Lead. 1.   Explore Endless Possibilities with Blue-Bot® Unleash Creativity, Learning, and Fun·      Get the whole class programming with the Blue-Bot® Class Bundle! The Bee Bots older brother!  Wh..
Ex Tax:€576.42
Enhance your child's learning experience with the Bee-Bot® Pen Holders (Set of 6). Designed to captivate young minds and make learning engaging, these pen holders are an essential addition to any classroom or home environment. Let's explore the key features that make these pen holders a must-have fo..
Ex Tax:€23.58
Unleash Imagination and Learning with Bee-Bot®·      The kit includes 1 x Rechargeable Bee-Bot® and USB charging lead, 1 x Treasure Island, 1 x Busy Street Mat, 2 x Transparent Grid, 49 x Sequence cards, and 10 x White clip-on shells. This comprehensive set provides endless ..
Ex Tax:€199.19
Engaging 3D Learning Experiences·      Transform your Bee-Bot® mat into a captivating 3D world with Bee-Bot® Tunnels.·      Crafted from high-quality plywood, this set includes three tunnels designed to add an exciting and educational dimension to yo..
Ex Tax:€69.11
Introducing the TacTile Code Reader·      Ignite young minds with the Blue-Bot TacTile Code Reader. This innovative tool sparks a passion for programming in children aged 3  to 11.·      With a user-friendly interface and interactive features, i..
Ex Tax:€129.27
"Kitt is a versatile, cross-curricular companion robot for the classroom. Kitt enables learners to work independently, engaging with the robot to gather evidence of progress. Teachers can differentiate effectively using Kitt by personalising the resources on each device. Inclusivity and accessibilit..
Ex Tax:€107.32
Unstoppable Playtime Adventure·      The new Rugged Racers are the embodiment of robustness and adventure. These compact, brightly coloured machines are more than just toy cars; they are your child's ticket to a world of creativity and unbounded exploration.·  &nbs..
Ex Tax:€215.45
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