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Outdoor Games

Outdoor Games
•This versatile net is designed to stand either horizontally or vertically at differing angles so it can be used for both throwing and kicking games•The large net size provides an easy and achievable goal•Made from powder coated tubular steel, it features a press-stud fitted close mesh net that can ..
Ex Tax:€101.71
•Set Includes, Main Frame, 21 x Yellow Counters, 21 x Red Counters, 2 x Net Counter Bags•Giant Up 4 It requires strategy, skill and of course a lot of luck•Standing 1.1m tall and strikingly colourful, this game makes a real impact in any garden•Giant Up 4 It is made from hard wea..
Ex Tax:€291.87
•Includes:Giant Rainbow Building Blocks With Wheels (30 Piece)Giant Slotting DiscsMega Waffle Blocks buy 3 of our best selling large construction products and save €€€..
Ex Tax:€348.78
•Includes 33 pieces of blocks•Its benefits are: Creativity - A child needs to develop its independence and becomes more and more creative, and therefore plays an important role a properly sized toy•3D imagination - The child is expressed through play, learning to build their world, develop imaginati..
Ex Tax:€138.20
•Wheel Bricks - Simple blocks with wheels.•Set includes 30 pieces (Including 2 bricks on wheels)•Great for schools and creches and for home use•Can be used both indoor and outdoor•Suitable for ages 2 years +..
Ex Tax:€145.53
The blocks are HUGE , the size of one block is 31.5x31.5cm!- Approved, CE marked- They are perfect both at home and in schools- Made of durable, certified plastic.- They are resistant to impact, throwing, trampling and whatever can come to children's mind :)- With more blocks, you can..
Ex Tax:€153.66
•You will find 200 elements to create whatever you desire•Colours of the waffle blocks vary•Maintenance – wash the toy with a soap and running water•Suitable for ages 3 years +..
Ex Tax:€68.29
•Slotting discs are the perfect creative building blocks•This kit included 36 pieces•Easy clean plastic•These discs guarantee great fun •This product is great for spatial awareness•Great for indoor and outdoor use•Suitable for ages 2 years +..
Ex Tax:€72.36
•A set of four stands sturdy, metal stands, measuring 1 Metre in height •Use these stands for attaching pipes, using water channels, making dens, weaving frames, etc.•Designed to allow channelling pieces to be constructed at different levels•Suitable for use indoors or out•Suitable for Ages 3 Y..
Ex Tax:€96.75
•Set of 9 high quality rings in 3 different sizes - 3 small (25cm diameter), 3 medium (35cm diameter) and 3 large (45cm diameter)•Made from durable HDPE with a textured surface and supplied in 3 colours.•The different sizes are colour coded for easy recognition.•Use indoors or outdoors for a range o..
Ex Tax:€72.36
•Set of 20 Giant Connecting Beads numbered 1-20•Ideal for indoor and outdoor maths learning activities such as counting forwards and backwards and identifying 1 more and 1 less than.•Made from durable HDPE and supplied in 4 colours•Easy to connect and sturdy when joined together•Blank on one side fo..
Ex Tax:€77.24
•Giant Number Fishing Game suitable for indoor or outdoor use•Includes 20 brightly coloured, numbered fish and 2 plastic rods.•Children hook the fish with their fishing rods.•Improves motor skills and hand-eye coordination whilst learning numbers 1 to 20.•Complete with a net bag for storage.•Fi..
Ex Tax:€88.62
•A great way of developing physical control and encouraging children to follow directions as well as develop coordination and muscle control•Suitable for use indoors and out with children from 18 months upwards•Product Colour: Red•Supports the following areas of learning:• Physical Development - mot..
Ex Tax:€31.71
•Fun filled netting game. Catch the alphabet crabs with your net•Includes 26 friendly giant alphabet crabs (a-z) and two crab nets.•Unique netting action develops gross motor skills.•Ideal for sand and water play, or can be used on any flat surface.•Develops hand eye coordination and letter rec..
Ex Tax:€129.27
•This set of 4 colourful balance handles and 4 balls is a great addition to any collection of physical play resources.•Supports the following areas of learning:• Physical Development - hand-eye coordination • Communication & Language - reasoning•Specification: Handle measures 330mm, ball 60mm. •Age:..
Ex Tax:€22.76
•Free standing tubular steel basketball hoop with a nylon rope net•Designed at a comfortable height for children - or adults with restricted movement - to help improve hand-eye coordination and provide a challenge and reachable goal•Weather proofed so can be used inside and out •Simple self assembly..
Ex Tax:€77.40
•Includes 60 pieces in natural colours, 11 large connectors, 26 beams, 15 connectors and 8 flexi connectors.•Build your own log cabin with this open-ended set•Made from super durable HDPE making this weather resistant and easy to clean•Ideal for encouraging imaginative role play•Includes a model gui..
Ex Tax:€356.91
•Includes 54 pieces in bright colours - 16 turrets, 10 large connectors, 10 beams, 12 connectors and 6 flexi connectors•Made from durable HDPE making this weather resistant and easy to clean•A great set for building fortresses and castles•Ideal for encouraging role and pretend play.•Children will lo..
Ex Tax:€304.88
•Includes 76 pieces in bright colours - 18 large connectors, 18 beams, 24 connectors and 16 flexi connectors•Made from super-tough HDPE making it weather resistant and easy clean•A versatile and fun set for building a variety of hideaways such as dens, bird hides, houses, shelters, boats and garages..
Ex Tax:€267.48
•Includes 152 pieces in bright colours, 36 large connectors, 36 beams, 48 connectors and 32 flexi connectors.•Ideal for building larger constructions with larger groups of children•Made from super durable HDPE making in weather resistant and easy clean •Build 1 massive hideaway or 2 smalle..
Ex Tax:€500.00
•Set of 4 colour bean bags, Blue, Red, Green and Yellow•This product is ideal for colour recognition and physical activities•Supports the following areas of learning: Understanding the World - colour , Physical Development - motor skills and Physical Development - hand-eye coordination•Each bean bag..
Ex Tax:€10.56
•Set of 4 colour bean bags, Blue, Red, Green and Yellow•This product is ideal for colour recognition and physical activities•Supports the following areas of learning: Understanding the World - colour , Physical Development - motor skills and Physical Development - hand-eye coordinatio..
Ex Tax:€10.56
•Set Includes: 3m x 3m Playmat and 2 Inflatable Die•There's massive fun to be had with this giant party game for up to 30 players•Throw the two giant inflatable dice to find out which part of your body to place on which colour flower•Get Knotted up with the other players to make the game more diffic..
Ex Tax:€65.04
•Set Includes: 58 blocks each measuring 21cm x 7cm x 3.5cm•Giant Tower offers the same uncompromised overall height as Hi-Tower but with shorter blocks and closer alignment makes the Giant Tower more compact•Key Benefits:Shorter blocks without gapsUncompromised heightPacked in an attractive colour d..
Ex Tax:€113.01
•Set of 16 interlocking giant shapes in 4 bright colours.•Contains 4 each of square, rectangle, circle and triangle.•Each shape features Braille.•The pieces interlock together with ease and can be used indoors or outdoors.•Ideal for younger children learning their first shapes.•Chunky pieces are ide..
Ex Tax:€72.36
•Set contains: 40 Giant Octoplay pieces•Construct larger models or two or more simpler models at the same time•Makes models like the man, dinosaur, dog, flower, horse, plane, fish and reindeer•Measures: 49 x 27 x 25•Suitable for Ages 2 years +..
Ex Tax:€194.31
Range:  Giant OctoplayAge:  2 years +Contents:  80 PiecesWeight (kg):  12.56L x W x H (cm):  50 x 50 x 47Designed for larger nursery, kindergarten and reception classes.Learning through play has never been so much fun.Allows larger, more complex models to be built, or the co..
Ex Tax:€325.20
•This 80 piece set contains 40 Squares, 40 Equilateral Triangles and a guide•This 80 piece set contains will occupy a classroom or large group of children at the same time•They can learn to construct objects such as a tower or a castle•The pieces are large and chunky so they are ideal for little han..
Ex Tax:€161.79
Product Code70-7800RangeGiant PolydronAge2 years +Contents2 XL Square Frames, 4 Giant Squares, 47 Double Squares, 16 Gear Squares, 2 Sphera Quadrants, 3 Sphera Cylinders, 3 Sign Panels, 6 Shelf BracketsBarcode (EAN-13)5060164539360Cleaning MethodHand Wash with Mild Sterilizing DetergentPiece Count83..
Ex Tax:€397.56
Gear up for action with this bumper construction set. Ideal for nurseries, early years, kindergartens and reception classes.Children create a structure by assembling the easy to use squares and triangles.Gears are added by simply pushing them into place. They ingeniously mesh together either on a fl..
Ex Tax:€137.40
Product Code: PD707060Giant Polydron House Builder SetRegular price€169.95 ex VAT€209.04 Incl VATAvailability: In StockEncourages imaginative buildingEnhances spatial understanding and tactile explorationPromotes creativity and fine motor skillsBudding young builders and architects wi..
Ex Tax:€169.92
•This 32 piece set contains 4 Squares, 8 Equilateral Triangles, 16 Gear Squares, 2 Small Wheels, and Big Wheels•Children will develop an understanding of how things work with this set•There are two different sized wheels, which allow for an exciting variety of models•Children will learn how to grab,..
Ex Tax:€109.76
•This 36 piece set contains: 12 Squares with 16 Holes, 12 Squares with 4 Holes, 12 Triangles and a guide. •A bulk set large enough to occupy a whole classroom, nursery or kindergarten•Children will not only be able to build towers and rockets, but also tunnels to connect towers together•They wi..
Ex Tax:€275.61
•Set Includes: 3 metre square plastic mat, Giant inflatable dice and colourful box with carry handle•Players themselves act as the counters in the Garden Games Giant Snakes and Ladders, with 3m square mat and giant inflatable dice•Move up the ladders and down the snakes in this classic game with add..
Ex Tax:€65.04
296 piece set includes 170 flats, 28 single peg, 28 twin peg, 28 twin disc, 14 quad disc, 24 struts, 4 wheel/axle parts and a guide.Build almost any model with a vast array of pieces.Pieces slot together with easeSuitable for ages 2 years +..
Ex Tax:€113.01
•Hours of fun can be had with the parachute 3.5M•Can be used for multiple outdoor activities •Suitable for Ages 2 - 15 years..
Ex Tax:€39.84
•Consists of 12 play pieces•Each rope is colour co-ordinated with one of the poles, to add to the fun.•This classic game of skill and accuracy will bring out the competitive streak in little ones as they attempt to hook the ropes over the brightly coloured poles and achieve the top score•Play indivi..
Ex Tax:€20.33
•A traditional game in a unique quality and design•The popular tossing game is challenging both physically and mentally as it requires concentration and body control to assess the distance and throw the rings with precision•At the same time, the game is fun as it can be used in many kinds of competi..
Ex Tax:€60.98
•Set Includes: 58 solid wooden blocks•This game is our first and most popular garden tower game•Build the tower and then take turns to remove a piece and add it to the top without making the whole tower tumble•Made from pine from renewable forests, the tower builds from 0.9m (3ft 6ins) at the start ..
Ex Tax:€137.40
•Pick a team--red or yellow--and take turns tossing the self-sticking beanbags at the turtle-shaped fabric target with numbered sections•Ideal for individual play, too•Durably constructed for use either indoors or outside, the non-wobbling metal base•Dilly Dally turtle face make this an exciting and..
Ex Tax:€31.71
Ideal for classrooms of children to build towers, houses and tunnelsTeaches shape and space through play.This 36 piece set contains 24 squares (in 2 designs) and 12 equilateral triangles in 4 natural colours.Build large outdoor constructions such as a castle, tower or tunnel.Children will be able to..
Ex Tax:€275.61
•You'll find an abundance of uses for this mini tuff tray and height adjustable stand•It's the staple resource for any learning or home environment•From sand and water to messy play, get creative with endless activities for little ones to enjoy•The new smaller design makes the Tuff Tray easy to stor..
Ex Tax:€85.37
•This set includes: 4 sacks in 4 different colours and each sack measures 24" tall•Children climb inside, grab the easy-grip handles and improve balance and coordination with every hop! •Our durable nylon sacks are extra-wide, with roomy, squared bottoms; giving kids all the space they need to bend ..
Ex Tax:€47.15
•Set includes: 10 x 22cm cones in 5 colors•Have fun for hours with this set of 10 coloured traffic cones that can be used for a multitude of indoor our outdoor activities•Cones are water and soil resistant•Suitable for ages 3 years +..
Ex Tax:€16.25
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