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Music + Movement

Music + Movement
•A complete Key Stage One Music Set for musical education•Typically includes 1 x Glockenspiel, 2 x Cymbals, 3 x Castanet on Handles, 4 x Castanets, 1 x Wood Block, 1 x Tone Block with Mallet, 2 x Jingle Bells, 2 x Sleigh Bells, 2 x Bendy Bells, 1 x 5” Triangle, 1 x 7” Triangle, 4 x Maracitos, 2 x Ma..
Ex Tax:€243.09
•The Small Hands Music Set is a perfect early years educational music set suitable from 12 months•Typically includes 2 x Rainboshakers, 1 x Mini Rainbomaker, 2 x Cage Bells, 4 x Baby Maracas, 1 x Rock n Roll Rattle, 1 x My Bell, 1 x Clip Clap, 1 x Tambaring, 1 x Baby Drum and beaters•Supplied in a G..
Ex Tax:€109.75
•The Halilit Baby Drum is a high quality, correctly tuned first baby drum for budding mini musical maestros•This lightweight, durable drum features a professional quality drum skin•The large 14cm playing surface produces high quality deep sounds, yet the Baby Drum is light enough for young children ..
Ex Tax:€21.94
BoomWhacker - CleverTunes..
Ex Tax:€31.71
These brightly coloured wooden Castanets make a perfect first musical toy. Ideal as an early introduction to sound and rhythm and a great way to encourage creativity. Helps to develop dexterity and co-ordination. Made from high quality, responsibly sourced materials. Conforms to current European saf..
Ex Tax:€5.68
Children will develop gross motor skills to invent their own creative movements with these streamers. 6 assorted colours - red, blue, yellow, purple, orange & green.Supports the following areas of learning:• Physical Development - motor skills• Physical Development - hand-eye coordination• Expressiv..
Ex Tax:€28.46
Large Floor Drum (CleverTunes)Diameter 41cm...
Ex Tax:€121.14
The Little Hands Music Band is just what all toddlers need to start discovering the wonders of music, sound and rhythm! This beautiful, richly coloured gift set includes a Baby Xylophone, Ocean Drum, Rattle Roller and Rainbospinner, which all help to develop creativity, motor skills, hand-eye co-ord..
Ex Tax:€44.71
The Mini Orchestra Musical Instrument set is the perfect introduction to the wonderful world of music and rhythm.Designed to be safe for even the smallest of babies, the Rhythm Pals feature four fascinating instruments which stimulate baby’s discovery of sounds.The delightful musical instrument set ..
Ex Tax:€28.45
A practical bag with many pockets, made from durable fabric and with a zipper. When opened it can be hung.Contents: tambourine with membrane 5 triangles (10 - 20 cm) 2 wooden maracas large guiro 2 tone blocks (2 tones)1 tone block (1 tone) wood block 2 castanets castanets with handle pair of claves ..
Ex Tax:€96.75
Beautiful organza cloth with a sparkly crystal lustre in the seven colours of the rainbow to create a visual effect, provide textural and visual stimulation, enhance music and movement, soften the environment and for role play.Supports the following areas of learning:• Expressive Arts & Design - ima..
Ex Tax:€32.52
Set of Claves and Two Wooden Blocks - Clevertunes..
Ex Tax:€23.58
Small Floor Drum (CleverTunes)Diameter 26cm...
Ex Tax:€56.10
Made of 100% hardwood. Natural with great sound.Includes All instruments shown...
Ex Tax:€64.23
Attractive beech wood cylinder rainstick with colourful painted rainbow stripes at both ends. Young children will enjoy turning, rolling or shaking it to mimic the sound of falling rain.Supports the following areas of learning:• Expressive Arts & Design - music & dance• Understanding the World - sou..
Ex Tax:€23.58
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