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Early Construction

Early Construction
•Includes:Giant Rainbow Building Blocks With Wheels (30 Piece)Giant Slotting DiscsMega Waffle Blocks buy 3 of our best selling large construction products and save €€€..
Ex Tax:€324.39
DetailsAn adventure in color, light and sound! Encourage sensory exploration by combining blocks to form new colors and sounds, or stack the blocks in a different order each time to form new and exciting shapes. Shimmering water, sand and crystal bead interiors enhance visual stimulation in block bu..
Ex Tax:€96.75
•Solid wood frames with inset colored acrylic windows and colorful beads•Set includes 4 rectangles and 4 half moon shapes•Strong hardwood frames•Translucent windows with colorful beads•Standard unit block measurements•Material: Hardwood frames with primary colored, transparent plexi windows and colo..
Ex Tax:€39.84
•Explore color, light. and sound in novel ways by combining blocks in endless arrangements•8 blocks per package: 4 rectangle and 4 half moon shapes•Smooth hardwood frames with acrylic windows•acrylic inner with colored liquid•Use with LED Activity Tablet for brighter creative play•Single standard bl..
Ex Tax:€39.84
DetailsBring the instinctive wonder that children have for nature into the classroom with an organic, wooden building blocks set. The Wood Stackers River Stones invite children to build and stack using blocks inspired by the natural, polished shapes of river rocks. The rounded, wooden stones are san..
Ex Tax:€39.84
DetailsInvite children to build thoughtfully and organically with Wood Stackers Standing Stones. Inspired by prehistoric building blocks, these geometric, wooden stones foster a child’s curiosity for creating ancient structures using organic, natural materials. Each wooden block is sanded incredibly..
Ex Tax:€39.84
•Includes 33 pieces of blocks•Its benefits are: Creativity - A child needs to develop its independence and becomes more and more creative, and therefore plays an important role a properly sized toy•3D imagination - The child is expressed through play, learning to build their world, develop imaginati..
Ex Tax:€138.20
•Wheel Bricks - Simple blocks with wheels.•Set includes 30 pieces (Including 2 bricks on wheels)•Great for schools and creches and for home use•Can be used both indoor and outdoor•Suitable for ages 2 years +..
Ex Tax:€137.40
The blocks are HUGE , the size of one block is 31.5x31.5cm!- Approved, CE marked- They are perfect both at home and in schools- Made of durable, certified plastic.- They are resistant to impact, throwing, trampling and whatever can come to children's mind :)- With more blocks, you can..
Ex Tax:€121.14
•You will find 200 elements to create whatever you desire•Colours of the waffle blocks vary•Maintenance – wash the toy with a soap and running water•Suitable for ages 3 years +..
Ex Tax:€68.29
•Slotting discs are the perfect creative building blocks•This kit included 36 pieces•Easy clean plastic•These discs guarantee great fun •This product is great for spatial awareness•Great for indoor and outdoor use•Suitable for ages 2 years +..
Ex Tax:€72.36
•Includes 28 natural wooden pieces, with chalkboard on one side. compatible with other Happy Architect products•Due to the design can be packed away into a shoebox sized box•Decorating one side as they choose, or practicing their words by naming buildings with words like library, school and home•Cre..
Ex Tax:€80.49
•Open-ended magnetic STEM building toy for toddlers, ages 18 mos. +•Combines tactile exploration with magnetic play.•Provides introduction to engineering•30 piece set in exciting bright colors.•Over-sized ABS Plastic rod encapsulates magnets.•Accompanying metal balls are over-molded with soft plasti..
Ex Tax:€69.11
•Part of Guidecraft’s toddler STEM toy platform: Grippies®•Plastic curved rods inspired by shapes found in nature with secure magnetic ends and plastic, over-molded metal ball connectors•Character faces to suggest dramatic play•Variety of tactile grips on rods featured in soft, over-molded plastic t..
Ex Tax:€56.10
•24 piece set of Grippies Links•Part of Guidecraft’s toddler STEM toy platform: Grippies®•Easy-to-stack, connect, and pivot secure magnetic construction blocks•Two sizes of characters feature similar coloration and textured grip elements•Tactile grips featured in soft, over-molded plastic textures i..
Ex Tax:€56.10
•Interlocking toddler STEM toy Grippies® Stackers•X-shaped, magnetic blocks and two sizes of cylinders for stacking, balancing, and nesting•Emotion faces, using mathematical symbols, for dramatic play and social emotional development•Tactile grips featured in soft, over-molded plastic•Color and text..
Ex Tax:€56.10
•Includes five sizes of magnetic shapes with clear windows for stacking, balancing and nesting•Grippies Waves – a visual STEM building set for toddlers•Watch the flowing water inside gently move around its encased space•Soft, overmolded plastic promotes tactile exploration•Discovery of magnetic prin..
Ex Tax:€60.98
•Toddler STEM toy Grippies® Windows•Secure magnetic panels with colored, translucent windows and over-molded metal ball connectors•Chunky, tactile grips featured in soft, over-molded plastic•Exploration of light and color•Combination of 2D and 3D patterning, layered designs and organic builds•Discov..
Ex Tax:€56.10
•Brightly coloured set of 20 dog shaped pieces in 4 bright colours.•Each piece measures 16cm long.•Pieces join together in various ways.•Blocks can be used for a variety of uses - as play items, for colour sorting and for building towers.•Chunky pieces are ideal for small hands.•Children use reasoni..
Ex Tax:€44.72
•This set contains 70 pieces of Popoids including one animal head packed in a shallow gratnell tray for educational purposes•Popoids is the unique flexible building system which links heads, wheels, bodies and shapes to bendy, popping bellows•It can be easily manipulated by children who find the pop..
Ex Tax:€56.10
•140 pieces set including; 2 dolls heads and bodies with hands and boots, 1 giraffe head, 1 elephant head, 2 animal bodies, 2 sets of wheels and varying connectors in a gratnell tray with lid•Popoids is the unique flexible building system which links heads, wheels, bodies and shapes to bendy, poppin..
Ex Tax:€88.62
•Wooden Safari Animal Building Blocks•Consists of 32 play pieces of various animals•Made from high quality, responsibly sourced materials.•Sort and stack the wooden blocks to build up a Safari scene full of your favourite animals•When play time's over, all of the blocks can be stored away in the han..
Ex Tax:€14.63
•Six hardwood stacking squares feature inset colored plexi for stacking, sorting, building, sequencing and creating imaginative, colorful constructions•Doubles as a stand-alone manipulative or an addition to hardwood block construction•Hardwood frames, rounded corners and edges, and inset acrylic wi..
Ex Tax:€28.46
•Take your tactile senses for a spin! Five pentagonal shapes rotate on a stationary rod, displaying a different tactile material on each side•Match or mix the panels from left to right, or play matching games with additional, corresponding tactile tiles•Strengthens tactile perception, concentration,..
Ex Tax:€47.97
These wooden blocks are made of high quality beech wood. They are well-sanded and have different architectural shapes with natural a finish. Includes a wooden carry on tray for easy storage. The best way to transport these blocks is on a cart for the blocks set!*Cart for blocks set also available (5..
Ex Tax:€169.92
These wooden blocks are made of high quality beech wood. They are well-sanded and have different architectural shapes with natural a finish. Includes a wooden carry on tray for easy storage. The best way to transport these blocks is on a cart for the blocks set!*Cart for blocks set also available (5..
Ex Tax:€174.79
•Original magnetic ball and rod system with an astronaut, doctor, farmer and chef•Set includes 21 multicolor people pieces•Fun interchangeable uniforms and personalities with red, yellow, blue, and green faces•Oversized rods with grooved grips and embedded magnets are perfect for small hands•Quality..
Ex Tax:€31.71
•Better Builders® Career People and Community People sets feature the magnetic fun of the original ball and rod with colorful faces, uniforms, and personalities•With four characters in each set, the Better Builders® People combine multiple facets of play– color, matching, construction, and dramatic ..
Ex Tax:€31.71
A colourful set of farm building blocks perfect for little hands. This playset includes animals, farmers and building pieces to contruct a farm and enjoy hours of fun!..
Ex Tax:€26.83
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