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Discovery + Wonder

Discovery + Wonder
•Includes, 1 x Basket, 2 x Super Shiny Spheres, 1 x Blue Sphere, 3 x Silver Mirror Donuts, 3 x Gold Pebbles 3 x Rose Gold Cuboid, 3 x Boulders•Delve into this luxurious, shiny treasure trove full of open-ended possibilities•A treasure like collection of shiny, tactile and open-ended resources•Enrich..
Ex Tax:€186.18
•Includes 1 x Basket, 12 x Tactile Pebbles, 3 x Jewel Pebbles, 3 x Wooden Pebbles, 3 x Pastel Pebbles, 3 x Blue •Pebbles, 6 x Fabric Pebbles, 3 x Rose Gold Metallic Pebbles•Nestled in a soft, large basket is an assortment of pebbles in varying shapes, weights, sizes and textures•A treasure like coll..
Ex Tax:€203.24
•Set includes 25 smooth pebbles in four different sizes•A fantastic open-ended treasure collection with a lovely aesthetic quality, creating a real sense of awe and wonder•The four different sizes have great mathematical properties. Distinguish, sort, sequence and count them•Use in small world envir..
Ex Tax:€104.88
•Set Includes 12 Boulders measuring 3 different sizes (15cm, 12cm, 8cm)•Measurements include: 4 x 15cm Boulders 4 x 12cm Boulders 4 x 8cm Boulders•Blocks with a real treasure appeal, can be stacked, sorted and rolled•Can be used for Construction, Language Enrichment and Mathematical Understandi..
Ex Tax:€113.01
•Set Includes 12 Boulders measuring 3 different sizes (15cm, 12cm, 8cm)•Measurements include: 4 x 15cm Boulders, 4 x 12cm Boulders, 4 x 8cm Boulders•Blocks with a real treasure appeal, can be stacked, sorted and rolled•Can be used for Construction, Language Enrichment and Mathematical Understanding•..
Ex Tax:€113.01
•Includes 10 beautiful treasure collection of different sized coloured pebbles to delight and engage•Can be used  for Investigation, Exploration and Making connections•Please note these are not suitable to be used in sand or water or to be soaked•Not suitable to be left outdoors•Suitable for Ag..
Ex Tax:€99.19
•Includes 16 Donut Pebbles in four different sizes•With a treasure like quality, they are designed to engage the very young, in line with schematic behaviours.•Young children often love stacking, transporting, lining up and posting objects•They can be used on lightboxes, small world or as a con..
Ex Tax:€97.56
•Set of 16 silver mirrored donuts varying in size•Sizes include 4 x 15cm Donuts, 4 x 12cm Donuts, 4 x 10cm Donuts, 4 x 8cm Donuts•A wonderfully open ended resource with wow appeal, aligned to children’s developmental needs and interests.•Their polished mirrored shapes really engage the children as t..
Ex Tax:€99.18
•Set Includes 20 smooth pebbles of varying size•A fantastic open-ended treasure collection with a lovely aesthetic quality, creating a real sense of awe and wonder•Children will be absorbed with this reflective collection•The four different sizes have great mathematical properties.•Distinguish, sort..
Ex Tax:€102.44
Robustly constructed from stainless steel in mirrored gold, silver and colourburst finishes, these 3 smooth and seamless discus shaped buttons have different contents to produce a range of sound effects. The hand finished mirrored surfaces provide a distorted fish-eye lens reflection which is fascin..
Ex Tax:€22.76
•Set of 20 Stack and Roll Metallic Discs measuring, Height:7 cm Diameter:8 cm•Children will love these appealing silver and bronze shapes in their open-ended play•Children can use them in numerous imaginative scenarios including construction, counting and small world play•Some children will find how..
Ex Tax:€96.75
•Set of 4 sensory spheres with a textured mirror surface measuring 15 cm in diameter•Great for exploring and rolling•Please note these are not suitable to be used in sand or water or to be soaked•Avoid using in direct sunlight as the mirrored surface will reflect the light•Not suitable to be left ou..
Ex Tax:€72.36
•A set of beautifully crafted, natural, tactile keys measuring L17 cm x W7cm x D1cm•Children will love handling and playing with these smooth, beautifully designed keys•Finished to a high standard and treated with linseed oil•Children of varied ages can play with these keys•They can be part of a tre..
Ex Tax:€44.72
•Includes  8 balls and 1 tray liner.•Measures Height:36 cm, Width:40 cm, Depth:22 cm•A freestanding wooden wall with integrated posting tubes, perfect for toddlers•Children will love posting the various textured spheres down the tubes and then collecting them•This resource aligns to various sch..
Ex Tax:€126.02
•A set of 5 tactile wooden cylinders.Varying in size, Size: 14cm to 30cm.•Each cylinder has a different sparkly, acrylic surface•They nest neatly inside each other and are an open-ended and versatile resource•Children will enjoy experimenting and building•They can store things within the cylinders, ..
Ex Tax:€130.08
•Set of 5 Handheld Mirrors includes a car, butterfly, flower, teddy bear and duck•A beautiful set of wooden encased mirrors suitable for babies•This beautiful collection is made of high quality wood and acrylic mirrors•The edges are carefully smoothed, rounded and then treated with natural linseed o..
Ex Tax:€69.11
•A set of 12 beautiful wooden pebbles inset with an acrylic jewel•Comes in three sizes, 9cm, 11cm and 15cm•A treasure like resource for stacking, matching, sorting and comparing•A great sensory resource, encouraging children to stack, roll, compare and contrast•Suitable for Ages 0 +..
Ex Tax:€88.62
•A tactile set of wooden spools that come in a range of sizes•The children can explore the differences of each as they roll them and stack them or simply line them up•Each measures between H3 -18cm•Suitable For Ages 10 Months +..
Ex Tax:€80.49
Set of 3 transparent coloured acrylic sheets (red, blue and yellow) sealed inside hardwood frames with easy grip handles. Looking through them children will see the world in different colours, or they can use more than one to create new colours. Easy to handle and robust making them suitable for chi..
Ex Tax:€20.33
A 6 piece set allowing children to see the world through new eyes. With lenses to change the colour of everything they see, a giant magnifier and mirrors to give true and distorted reflections of the world around them. Can be stacked for colour mixing and for use on a light box. Set includes: transp..
Ex Tax:€48.78
Set of 3 solid rubberwood frames with easy hold handles enclosing a panel of sparkling glitter, one in each colour - purple, silver and gold. The panels can be twisted and turned to make the glitter liquid move and flow in fascinating ways. Ideal for sensory discovery and broadening descriptive voca..
Ex Tax:€39.02
Set of 4 softie plane mirrors with a jigsaw profile in four colours. They can be hand held, wall-mounted or used free standing to create a stunning display. Includes adhesive pads for wall mounting.*ACCORDING TO CURRENT TOY SAFETY STANDARDS, THESE MIRRORS ARE SUITABLE FOR AGES 0+ MONTHS. HOWEVER, DU..
Ex Tax:€36.59
Comprises 8 large rubberwood pieces with double sided acrylic mirror inserts. Ideal for shape recognition, for use on a light box, simple block building and for reflective pattern-making. The blocks are the same size as the Sensory Blocks (73281), so they form a natural extension to this set.Support..
Ex Tax:€32.52
•A collection of three beautifully crafted wooden boxes, each with a mirrored interior•Peer into the different sized boxes to see the multiple reflections and explore shapes, patterns and reflections.•The boxes nest for storage and stack for construction•A super, engaging, open ended resource for de..
Ex Tax:€89.43
Looking into this 90 degree corner is fascinating - children can see their own face reflected back - and within each side mirror they can see the opposite side mirror reflection too. Children will want to look at themselves and explore the world within the mirrors. Comes as a flat pack and simply sl..
Ex Tax:€39.84
The arrangement of the reflective surfaces on the softie mirror encourage children to look closely - at themselves and at natural and man-made objects. The mirror encourages communication and cooperation as two or more children can play together, sharing experiences and discoveries. Made from EVA fo..
Ex Tax:€56.10
Foam surround acrylic mirror are made using materials that are soft to the touch and can easily be wiped clean. The EVA surrounds are 30mm thick so they can be hand-held or free standing. Yellow, blue and purple surrounds all have plane reflective mirrors, red has a convex, orange has a concave.Impo..
Ex Tax:€47.97
This plane acrylic mirror is entirely surrounded by soft EVA sponge foam providing young children with something they can use in observation, for role play, and self-reflection. Can also be used indoors or out as a mini observation arena, a small world environment and as a wall mirror.Important info..
Ex Tax:€24.39
Our new birch plywood exploratory mirror has parallel sides to reflect images backwards and forward to infinity, ideal for children to use in imaginative play, to create small world environments, for learning about reflection and mirror effects, or to closely inspect interesting objects. The solid c..
Ex Tax:€97.56
•Combine ICT, stimulus response and cause and effect with fine motor skills whilst making discoveries•Each section has a different technique required to make the light come on•You can press, switch, turn, pull or slide and then illuminate the circle•A really engaging resource for young children as t..
Ex Tax:€113.01
•Includes 114 assortment of keys, varying in size, shape  and downloadable, practical teaching notes •This eclectic and detail can be used as a catalyst for conversation.•Encourage observation skills as well as comparing and contrasting•This set has downloadable ideas cards that illustrate..
Ex Tax:€47.97
The set contains 36 tactile shells, 2 of each in 6 different tactile finishes and 3 sizes.These specially designed sea shells have different tactile surfaces They are made from natural Fibre Particulate Composite (FPC), an agricultural waste product from rice stems and rice husksChildren will l..
Ex Tax:€21.14
DetailsPractice color recognition and fine motor control with a delightful discovery game. This cheerful hedgehog allows toddlers to reach for surprise hidden contents over and over again. Identify the colors of the 9 satin cloths and guess which one will be next. The sturdy birch plywood hedgehog h..
Ex Tax:€64.23
An appealing early construction and manipulative set, ideal for developing fine motor skills and are fascinating viewed on a light panel. The smooth pebbles come in 3 shapes and 6 soft translucent colours, supplied in a convenient storage jar.Supports the following areas of learning:• Phys..
Ex Tax:€24.39
An ideal sensory resource with rollers and shapes made out of smooth birch wood. Suitable for all ages, stimulatestouch and helps build concentration and tranquilise emotions. Packed in a willow and seagrass basket...
Ex Tax:€28.46
A nest of 12 mirrored surfaced half circles that can be used in a rich variety of contexts, from constructions and sequencing to incorporating in the baby and toddler room for discovery based play. The arches have a lovely visual and tactile appeal to them as they reflect the light due to their s..
Ex Tax:€105.69
Metallic Silver Stacking Crosses 12pk Twelve shiny, silver crosses that stack, nestle and tesselate offering opportunities for construction, loose parts play, creativity, problem solving and for use in the baby and toddler area. Such a simple shape; yet bursting with possibilities. Younger chi..
Ex Tax:€105.69
A set of twelve silver, shiny, mirror-like zigzag pieces that can be stacked, positioned, balanced, patterned and generally used in a variety of contexts. Children will love these shapes as they lend themselves to so many opportunities and are they visually exciting. Some will explore them for..
Ex Tax:€121.95
•Talk about concepts fast/slow and in/out as you watch the balls zoom down the board•Colourful wooden balls, peek-a-boo holes and fast tracks create a 2-sided mountain of fun.•Size:W10 x H42 x L32.9 cm•Suitable for ages 12m+..
Ex Tax:€39.02
•Set of 6 beautifully designed shakers, ideal for little hands•The contents vary from beads to buttons and have been chosen to appeal as well as to make a noise•The shakers feature wooden ends and acrylic centres•The contents can be clearly seen as they move around•Babies and toddlers love playing w..
Ex Tax:€72.36
•A super, sensory, mirrored block for posting, sorting, collecting and investigating•Measuring, Height:20 cm x Length:40 cm x Width:40 cm•This is a simple, but effective and satisfying resource that is in tune with children’s interests and developmental needs•Accessories not included•You can use a v..
Ex Tax:€89.43
•This train is an adventure for the passengers on board, but also for your eyes!•A mirror reflects, a magnifier enlarges, and a prism bends and refracts•Watch in wonder as it rolls along the track!•Suitable for ages 2 years+..
Ex Tax:€9.76
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