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Messy Play Resources

Messy Play Resources
These nesting bowls invite handling. Designed to fit comfortably in small hands, they are suitable for use with water, sand and mud. Perfect for mixing, weighing and comparing volumes of materials in your mud kitchen, the bowls can be easily washed clean after use. Children can also use them to stor..
Ex Tax:€24.38
This set of rustic stone pourers is robust enough for use outside and with a range of materials, including water, sand and soil. Easy to hold, the pourers can be used to scoop and pour liquids and solids. The shaped lip makes pouring intuitive and easy. Nestling within each other, the pourers can he..
Ex Tax:€24.38
"Engage and enthral inside and out with these simple, yet versatile and creative, eco cones, that lend themselves to so many exciting learning possibilities. From stacking, threading and sorting, to using in physical development activities, small world and construction play, you really can do so muc..
Ex Tax:€77.24
Set of 6 spinners (2 of each of 3 different spinners) which will rotate when fed sand or water in the same way as a water wheel works. The bases also act as sieves. When in motion, adjacent spinning wheels rotate in opposite directions.Supports the following areas of learning:• Understanding the Wor..
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