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Measuring Snakes

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These tactile, colourful snakes are the perfect way to introduce young children to the key ideas of measurement in a practical and active way. Children will enjoy using the snakes for an endless variety of estimating and measuring activities: comparing the sizes of the snakes, placing them in order from the shortest to the longest, finding objects that are shorter, longer or perhaps the same length as their snake, and of course, for measuring distances!

Each set includes ten snakes which are colour-coded into five different lengths: 20, 40, 60, 80 and 100cm. Measuring with the different lengths of snakes will encourage discussion (including talking about the concept of scaling), develop important mathematical vocabulary and help children understand the need for a fixed standard measuring unit. Each set contains ten fabric snakes (5 x 20cm, 2 x 40cm, 1 x 60cm, 1 x 80cm and 1 x 100cm) and an activity leaflet, all stored in a useful drawstring bag.

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